EMF ARMOR. Shielding from electromagnetic radiation

Today, every modern person, including children, is almost around the clock in the coverage area of mobile phones, spends a lot of time at the computer, surrounded by many household appliances - a microwave oven, TV, refrigerator and even a hairdryer are sources of EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

We do not see or feel these radiations, and we are even accustomed to the constant presence of various sources of electromagnetic radiation so that it is perceived as the norm. It has long been known and proven that electromagnetic radiation, penetrating the human body, can affect the functionality of the brain and other internal organs, the cardiovascular system and even the skeletal system.

Now almost everyone uses water filters or buys bottled water, chooses environmentally friendly products, but it is perhaps even more important to protect yourself and your family from the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

A series of shielding clothing and accessories EMF ARMOR is made using metallized shielding fabrics and is designed to significantly reduce the influence of external electromagnetic radiation. These fabrics are a novelty in everyday life, but have long been well established in industrial production with high radiation.

The special metallized fabric in clothes EMF ARMOR does not completely shield electromagnetic radiation, but significantly (several times by power) reduces the level in the range of the main adverse household electromagnetic radiation, which include:

- radiation of electromagnetic communication waves 5G (FR1 (600 - 6000 MHz) and FR2 (24 - 100 GHz))

- radiation of mobile phones (300 MHz - 3 GHz, in Russia 900 - 1800 MHz)

- radiation from microwave ovens (2.45 GHz)

- computer radiation (system unit 50 MHz - 1 GHz)

- radiation of wi-fi routers (900 MHz - 5 GHz) ...

Shielding bandana. EMF ARMOR 3-layer shielding bandana is made using ECOTEX shielding fabric.

Shielding hat. Dimensionless. Single-layer fabric made of metallized protective fabric.

Shielding scarf. Universal 2-layer scarf for protection against electromagnetic radiation in the range of 10 MHz - 3 GHz.

Shielding belt for pregnant women. The abdomen area of the shielding belt is covered with an elastic shielding fabric Silver Shield Elastic. Thin silver threads are woven into the main thread, creating a protective shield against electromagnetic radiation.

Shielding underpants. Effective shielding over a wide range (HF and LF radiation).

Shielding T-shirt (male) and 2-layer T-shirt (female). Silver Shield Elastic fabric has a dense weave of fibers, due to which it is currently one of the most effective shielding fabrics - attenuation by 70 dB.

Shielding bedsheet. Designed to protect against low-frequency emissions (low-frequency electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of up to 10 kHz).

Shielding blanket. A 3-layer blanket, shielded from HF and LF radiation, has antiseptic properties and can be used to protect a child by pregnant women.

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