#Mind machine

In the modern world it is difficult to meet a person who would not strive for self-knowledge, self-development, and, in the end, the realization of his plans. But in order to achieve the ultimate goal, desire alone is not enough, some efforts must be made. Theoretically, each of us understands this common truth, but how can we work on our personality so that the result of efforts is as effective as possible?

Self-improvement where to start?

Self-development is a constant and systematic process of working on oneself. If a person at some point considers himself smart or strong enough, he immediately begins to degrade, because the outside world does not stop. An example is cycling. In order to ride on the road up, you must definitely make an effort and pedal. Therefore, first of all:

  • never stop there
  • plan
  • analyze your mistakes
  • train your muscles and brain.

Mind machine a means of increasing efficiency

Agree, it is difficult to imagine a gym in which there are no simulators for building muscle mass. At present, simulators for brain development are gaining great popularity - mind machines or audio-visual brain stimulation devices. At first glance it sounds a little frightening, but only because it seems unknown.

In fact, for more than half a century, mankind has been using mind machines in various fields of activity, demonstrating their high efficiency.

The principle of operation of mind machines

Mind machine is not a medical device!

The healing effects are manifested indirectly through the activation of the central nervous mechanisms that regulate autonomic functions, mental and motor activity, emotions and behavior, i.e. through an increase in non-specific resistance of the body.

The technology of audiovisual stimulation gives an incomparable opportunity to control the psycho-emotional state without medication, without the influence of extraneous attitudes and suggestions, and without the formation of dependence.

Our brain emits electromagnetic waves of various frequencies, while each state of a person, whether it is a dream, thinking, meditation, etc., corresponds to waves of a certain frequency. Mind machines using light-sound stimulation activate certain brain waves, allowing a person to tune into the necessary state. That is, they act on the principle: in the right place at the right time.

Tired of gray everyday life and nervous tension, want to overcome addiction, look for a means to increase your performance, want to discover something new in yourself — you are on the right track.

It can be used at home, repeatedly, introducing relatives and friends. We are sure that they will be very grateful to you for this. All that is needed is to find a place for a comfortable posture and allow yourself to relax.

Mind machine NAVIGATOR. A comprehensive device for self-development and self-improvement. Production Russia-USA. A clear menu, convenient settings and various features of the device - the choice of sound and light signal parameters, a built-in audio player / recorder with the ability to synchronize with the mind machine, a timer / alarm clock, MP3 and WAV file playback, combined sessions and much more will satisfy even the most demanding professional and researcher . In addition to the Navigator Mind Machine, you can purchase universal Color or White glasses (for both closed and open eyes).

Mind machine NovaPro 100. A technical tool with almost unlimited possibilities for working on yourself. Production USA, company PHOTOSONIX. 100 built-in sessions with the ability to download an additional 100 programs. The microphone input makes it possible to superimpose the voice on the device signals in real time! A useful innovation for hypnotherapists and practicing psychologists.

Mind machine Lumina. The latest development from the company PHOTOSONIX (USA), equipped with popular sessions of LightWeave technology, which uses pulsating light that blinks in intensive mode. This allows the eyes to remain in a more relaxed state.

In addition to the Mind machine NovaPro 100 and Lumina, you can purchase glasses ColorTrackPremium and open-type pvStim.

Mind machine MindSpa (Mindspa). MindSpa features precisely tuned frequencies of light flashes and soft sound pulsations designed to shift your consciousness into one of two beneficial states of your choice: deep relaxation, also known as the Alpha State stimulation of mental functions and concentration, known as the Beta State.


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