Svetlitsa IMMUNGEN. Improving the resilience of the immune system

Svetlitsa IMMUNGEN. Restoration of the structure of human immunity
Ускорение выздоровления и сокращения сроков реабилитации после болезни, повышение устойчивости иммунной системы, увеличение сопротивляемости организма к различным инфекциям.
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  • A device for accelerating recovery and shortening the rehabilitation period after an illness,
  • increasing the resistance of the immune system,
  • reducing stress load upon contact with the environment,
  • increasing the body's resistance to various infections.

Regulation and restoration of the human immune system.

The realization of the normalization effect from the use of the Svetlitsa IMMUNGEN device indicates that it is impossible to harm a person with this device. All parameters are moving towards normal. If everything is normal, then nothing will happen. And if there are violations in the immune system, then gradually they will be corrected.

In the appendix to this description, there are experiments showing how the parameters of leukocytes in human blood are improved when using the Immungen Svetlitsa. A number of parameters have improved 2 to 10 times. It can be seen from the studies that for all measured parameters of leukocytes (both biochemical and genomic), there is a movement to normal.

Using the Svetlitsa IMMUNGEN device does not guarantee that a person will stop getting sick at all. Sometimes the appearance of a disease can be viewed as a kind of lesson or training for the body. However, for the most part, the number of diseases will gradually decrease significantly, they will pass easily and quickly.

Impact of IMMUNGEN is very smooth and soft. It does not stimulate the immune system, but enhances its natural defenses, increasing the stability and stability of work.

IMMUNGEN restores the energy shell, qualitatively improves and increases the luminosity of a person.

Under the influence of biolaser light flux, the immune structure of the initial healthy state is projected onto the damaged immune system, thereby restoring the damaged areas of the user's immunity structure. This entails a restructuring of the work of the entire immune system of a person, enabling him to avoid aggressive viral attacks.

Thanks to the Immungen structure:

  • The structure of human immunity is restored.
  • Improves energy metabolism between organs and tissues involved in the body's immune defense.
  • The density of interaction between the elements of the immune system increases.
  • The general level of preparation of the body's defense systems increases.

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