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Line of clothing, accessories and products for the home ARMOR EMF shielding from electromagnetic radiation (EMR).


Complete loss of signal the phone depends on the phone model and signal level in a particular place.

3-layer shielding EMF bandana ARMOR manufactured using the shielding fabric ECOTEX.

In contrast to the protective clothing from the category of workwear, three-layer bandana EMF ARMOR except the metallic fabric has an upper layer and a lining made from 100% natural materials (linen or cotton), so aesthetically you can use it not only at home but also outdoors and possibly even work.

S/M - head circumference 54-58 cm

L/XL - head circumference of 59 to 65 cm


The attenuation of the intensity of AMY:
In the low frequency range (from 0.3 to 1300 MHz) at the level of 70-30 dB;
In the high frequency range (8,4-16 GHz) on the level 22-16 dB;
Surface resistivity: not more than 1.0 x 106 Ohms;
Composition: polyester 25%, cotton 25% , electrically conductive filament of 50%
Surface density: 220 g/m2

Bandana is made in two sizes: S/M and X/XL
And three colors. Light gray, Khaki, Orange.


Clothing EMF protective ARMOR is a specialized product, over time, the fabric with silver in the composition may darken, which is not a marriage and not cause for replacement of the product.

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