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AstroLine - device for lucid dreaming
Determination of the sleep phase by eye movement, movement in a dream and playback of light and sound prompts.
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Remee. Device for manipulating sleep —
Remee. Device for manipulating sleep —
Remee. Device for manipulating sleep
A device that will allow everyone to plunge into a lucid dream with little or no preparation, without spending years of practice on it!
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A lucid dream is a dream in which you realize that you are sleeping. In such a dream, you can realize your dreams. Games and 3d films cannot be compared with impressions from a lucid dream. This is one of the highlights in life. In a dream, you will be able to fly, move to any place, overcome your fears and explore the world of your subconscious.

A «lucid dream» will show you the path to self-knowledge and self-improvement and open the door to the world of new experiences, to new perspectives of perception, to new adventures. By managing your life in a dream, you can dramatically change the quality of your waking life.

A person can develop the ability to wake up in dreams and everyone is able to control sleep. This is convinced by a scientist, psychophysiologist, leader in the field of the study of lucid dreams, Stephen Laberge. He developed a device that helps people realize themselves in a dream. The principle of operation of the device is based on a simple fact: "when a dream occurs, the eyes move under the eyelids."

Modern appliances are a soft mask worn over the eyes before bedtime.

AstroLine - the development of a new device for lucid dreaming has been completed. Designed to determine the phase of sleep by eye movement, generate a time report on these events, movement in sleep and playback of light and sound prompts, audio files in WAV and MP3 format. The device replaces the generation of DreamStalker devices.

Remee is a tool that will allow everyone to plunge into a lucid dream with virtually no preparation, without spending years of practice on it. At the heart of the work, Remee uses the relatively simple "dream signs" principle.

"Signs of dreams" are repeating images of people, objects, sensations or moods. Experienced dreamers have long known that the search for such “signs” is the best way to enter a lucid dream. Simply put, if you understand when something often occurs in your dreams, you can learn to perceive it as a sign that you are sleeping, and thus become aware of yourself in a dream.

MindTrainer is a compact, easy-to-use but multi-functional device that has  main areas of use: mindfulness training, self-programming.

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