Noopendant II level. Improving external interactions

GEIF architecture. SHEMM product system

Noopendant II level is a new high-tech product of SHEMM technology. Blocks of service control programs are connected to the noopendant, which are basic for level II programs and which are loaded from the program library in the user's personal account. The Level II utility manager block differs from Level I in its coding interface, which primarily enabled dynamic management of plug-in packages, as well as support for the use of 5D and 6D functions.

The main difference between the work of Level II programs is in the scope. If the programs of noopendants I level work in the integral field of the operator in general (building or structuring work), then the scope of the programs of the 2nd level is the continuous creation (at the initial stages, rather maintenance) of reality by the operator. At the program level, the scope of work of Level II programs can be defined as interaction with the space program.

Level II programs can be divided into three major parts:

1. Interaction with the physical layer.
2. Software interaction with other operators.
3. Interaction with the structural parts of the space program.

You can purchase Noopendant II  with two free programs, as well as Noopendant II + Full library programs. You can purchase programs from the library simultaneously with the purchase of Noopendant II or later in your personal account.

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