Svetlitsa BLAGA. Attracting the flow of well-being

Space-time resource modulator. The system of structural and informational services for business, designed to increase the flow of dimensionality of goods and resources, incl. of a material nature.

  • Provides strengthening of systemic connectivity with the world, increasing the dimensionality of perception, expanding the personal cone of favorable events,
  • Increases business sustainability and supports the dynamic development of resource supply systems,
  • Encourages the realization of goals and the implementation of tactical tasks, stimulating the rejection of stereotypes and the formation of freedom of thought,
  • Promotes the manifestation of success and the growth of well-being.

The system "SVETLITSA-BLAGA" solves the problem of creating a more detailed and accurate "model of the world" for the user. The "updated" model responds appropriately, helping to increase its systemic connectivity with the world. A more complete perception leads to precise action, which ensures the safety of the person and, possibly, the entire world in which we live.

Many today are concerned about the lack of various benefits, the search for new resources to achieve their goals. At the same time, people themselves prevent the emergence of situations in their lives that attract health, wealth, joy and peace of mind. This happens because people themselves, willingly or unwillingly, set themselves restrictions. These are beliefs that are formed at an early age under the influence of the child's social environment. Having matured, a person continues to broadcast outside the dogmas received from parents, teachers and other environment. Now he brings into the world the prohibitions and frameworks that he once absorbed himself. And so the vicious circle of others' imposed stereotypes can be passed on to others and continue on.

The "Svetlitsa-BLAGA" system helps to remove the artificially imposed restrictions that restrain the flow of benefits, and takes a person to another time layer where these restrictions are absent, or they are much weaker. You will push the boundaries of perception, and you will be able to see a chance where others cannot. Using the SVETLITSA-BLAGA system, you will receive undeniable advantages, since qualitatively new opportunities will open up for you on the way to success and well-being.

How does the SVETLITSA-BLAGA system work?

"Svetlitsa-Blaga" was developed using theoretical concepts of Physics of Structures and Synergetics of Information Processes. Its structure is based on the fractal principle of displaying multidimensional processes of temporal connectivity.

One of the main tasks solved with the help of the Svetlitsa-BLAGA system is to give a person the opportunity to manage time, to get into other layers of time, to be at the right time in the right place, where there are no information distortions that affect interaction with the flow of benefits.

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