Energy modulator Sky Energy. Harmonization of the human organism

The Sky Energy energy modulator is a device developed based on the latest advances in electronics and quantum physics. It is a complex multilayer bulk structure of special metal alloys coated with a thin layer of gold.

The energy modulator has a harmonizing effect on the physical and subtle bodies of a person, eliminates the imbalance and mismatch of human energy levels, which impede the establishment of harmony with the surrounding space. The result of the action of the energy modulator is to adjust the energy-information system of a person in resonance with the control energy-information field of the Universe.

This technology is very useful for people who have embarked on the path of enlightenment, because it allows very efficient purification of human energy information channels. The energy modulator can have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects for bruises, sprains, and improves wound healing.

The energy modulator serves to:

  • compensation for the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic smog;
  • neutralizing the influence of adverse energy flows (negative torsion fields, Hartman-Wilson nets, Curry, geopathic zones, etc.);
  • restoration of the etheric body (aura) after negative energy-informational influences: evil eye, damage, curses, etc.
  • elimination of blockages in the energy-informational structures of a person (meridians, chakras, central channels, etc.).
  • peace of mind and neutralization of conflict situations and stress;
  • neutralizing the influence of negative thoughts;
  • filling the body with vital energy and maintaining a stable and constant energy balance;
  • Improvement of biological indicators of vital systems and organs of the physical body.

A new series of SkyShield energy modulators is a unique and simple mechanism for fine-tuning the human energy information system. The energy modulator has a harmonizing effect on the subtle bodies of a person, in particular, eliminates the imbalance and mismatch of energy levels in the human chakras and meridians.

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