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During the existence of the site, we have helped in the formation of several manufacturers of energy-information products.

It all started about one of two products and over the years has grown to a wide range, a serious technology base and stable production.
This section:

- A chance for those who have created something interesting to acquaint their audience with our work with a wide audience of our site.

- for masters who have achieved fame, but have not thought about the production of artifacts before, for people who do not fit their main subjects with their products.

We are open for cooperation as a platform for previously unknown masters and as a production partner for masters with a name.

Devices of energy concentration. Special devices, which, due to the effect of their own form, create zones of high energy around themselves. The basis of their creation is the basic properties of energy concentrators, which allows them to also solve a wide range of problems related to the restoration of the living energy of space and living systems.

The project «Natural Artifacts». The idea of Natural Artifacts came in the form of numerous enthusiastic reviews and some rumors in Buddhist circles about an ancient monk, highly revered among healers, considered Enlightened and known for his powerful ability to charge various objects with healing power.

Glucophone «Creativity+». Musical instrument. This is a petal drum, thanks to which any person, regardless of age and gender, can independently develop hearing and sense of rhythm. It is enough to listen to yourself and rely on intuition. Everyone will find the sound of the glucophone to their liking and easily learn how to create their own musical works. At the same time, you can play it without special musical education and training.

Lotus of Divine Energy. Harmonization of the biofield. New product from Roman Faerman. Scientists in Israel and Russia were engaged in the Faerman phenomenon. Lotus has a beneficial effect on all subtle bodies of a person, cleanses and harmonizes his biofield, brings money and health, love.

«Protector». Products from background radiation of electrical devices. It is a protection against background radiation of any electrical appliance. A “protective bracelet” consists of a metal plate (stainless steel, brass), which acts as a receiving antenna of electromagnetic waves and a protective shield made of heat-resistant black rubber, which is applied to the inner surface of the bracelet.

Candle «Universum». From a psychic Daria Mironova. The runes created in this candle are unique and universal. The combination of these runes gives strength in achieving your goals in reality. The action is based on the power of the runes, the power of the candle fire and your personal magnetic power of the energy of your DNA (saliva).

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