Quantum Magic products

A short product guide.

So, the basic product, from which, as a whole, it all began, is free (and it was at all times) BZh1.0, which can easily be done independently. It is a soft and relatively weak version, but for many people it has become a find and salvation, efficiency was achieved by increasing the number of "charged" items.
БЖ1.0 opens the beginning of a line of advanced BZ from 2.0 to 2.9. It really turned out that the BZ 2.9 was not released; instead, a more advanced Panacea product arose.

The 2.0-2.9 line has the following versions: 2.0, 2.1, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, and Panacea.

Attention!!! the growth of the version number does not mean its seniority in relation to another. The number after the dot means "different quality" of the product.

Let's briefly see why which of these products is needed and what their individual qualities are.

2.0 - the basic model of the "line" 2.0-2.x, will never be completely out of date. Slightly stronger than 1.0, it has a number of unique features, one of which is the "energy distribution" - in this version, as in virtually all our other commercial products, the technology of cell cloud is used, which somehow envelops the Bracelet Operator, improving the distribution of the energy flow that goes beyond account of the BZ to the wearer.
Thus, 2.0 carries the same qualities as BZ1.0 - harmonization of a person mentally and energetically, which has a beneficial effect on health, mood, reaction to events and the events themselves begin to meet more often more favorable. But in the case of 2.0, one BZ can increase the “power” comparable to several (up to 10) BZ 1.0 ... wearing 10 bracelets is not convenient, and the cost of 2.0 is extremely humane. Unfortunately, we cannot give this technology to everyone for free production for technical reasons, the reasons for this were described and they are far from commerce.

2.0 is a good version for everyone, especially for beginners. This is a good BZ for a gift, its use is rarely associated with overload (although sometimes it happens) caused by the work of the BZ itself. Although, as in the case of other versions, including 1.0, the beginning of use can be associated with certain shocks in events and health, which are usually followed by normalization.

2.1 - updated version 2.0, the purpose of which is to launch multiple processes of regeneration of the hidden abilities of a person and his cocoon itself (energy bodies and, as a result, the physics of an ordinary body). 2.1 works hard, hitting the flow of events, including the wearer's psyche, too. 2.1 is more powerful, but tougher. 2.1 it feels (tactilely, in terms of energy, or in terms of its effect on consciousness, the occurrence of a state of mild intoxication on the first contact, or, conversely, a heavy head), most people who do not even have sensory skills feel it. Application 2.1 is recommended for those who have problems that need to be addressed urgently, or for those who consciously move themselves along the path of their own development. 2.1 it is still recommended to use it after some time working with 2.0 or at least 1.0.
Can I start using the BZ with version 2.1? You can, but carefully read the forum on this topic, be careful.

Version 2.1 has a related version in the free line - the so-called version 1.0light. It, like 2.1, is a development of the previous one (only in this case 1.0), towards more rigid work. This version is good in that it can be done very quickly by applying a matrix of 9 letters to the subject. This is a kind of "resuscitation" version. It is worth knowing about it, because you may need to quickly and on-site someone to make the BZ - this is the case. Her work is also tough, but more so in a cocoon. It does not have such intensified work with the events and abilities of the wearer as in 2.1 and, of course, there is no work with the cellular cloud (it simply is not there, as in 1.0). It makes sense to have a "cheat sheet" with all three matrices published by us (you can also include matrices for the stabilizer, as described below).

Why do I need KO (cell cloud)? It not only increases the efficiency of the BZ, but also connects all our products (and not only the BZ) into a single system of devices interacting with each other and with the operator.

This is a unique technology, the strength of the manifestations of which can be found in the reviews of people on the forum regarding the use of our various products. For example, the "authorization system", known to many people, often launching a "future acquisition" to work with the operator (the person making the decision to buy one of the products) - this authorization system is essentially a KO program. It also allows participants in experimental work with the U2 Amplifier to connect by leaving a request on the forum. For many, this is hard to comprehend, but this is a good example of software processing information on the Internet, using an energy program, not a material one. The consequences of an automatic and clear reaction are tracked and repeatedly confirmed by dozens and hundreds of users in reviews where key events are tracked demonstrating the timely response of the authorization system.
Thus - the power of CO in a special technology, in increasing the efficiency of the BZ, in the ability to integrate all products together, into a single powerful whole.

Due to KO, you can more fully interact not only with those products that are directly with you, but also with those that remained at home, or elsewhere.

Versions 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 - are a separate group of subversions, where each, in a certain sense, has its own uniqueness, not like the others. The thing is that these versions carry some basic qualities related to both the energies in the world and the manifestations of situations, behavior, human thinking, and the influence of (indirect) health processes. In the description of Trinachaglia's theory, by Park JaeuVu, these manifestations are called (according to the version order) hetero (2.5), homo (2.6), neutro (2.7) and neuto (2.8) respectively.
in relation to the qualities in the BZ, this means:

the work of the operator’s consciousness in unusual and inaccessible modes, the development of decision-making algorithms, behavior, in an unusual and therefore advantageous way. This means influencing events, the reaction of the world, the reaction of others. And finally, this means a unique simulator that allows you to develop a very multifaceted personality, a person with diverse experience, perception and the ability to creative and different reactions. Most of this is not available.

Specifically by version.

2.5 - the manifestation of the quality of variability (hetero), allows you to search for new solutions, new ideas, contacts, something completely new that could not even come to your mind. This variability often awakens long-untouched connections (friendship, business and others), creates some strange situations, unlikely, but possible with 2.5 and beneficial to the operator.
2.5 the mildest representative of the four, it is usually easily perceived by those using it and others. But at the same time, it is significantly more powerful than 2.0, although of course this is not important, namely its "nominal" features. 2.5 is extremely useful when you need to reach the improbable in an unknown way, either when you don’t know the way at all, or when searching for something (you may not even know exactly what, just have a feeling, direction, vector). This is important in both personal and business applications.

2.6 - some kind of opposite 2.5, the manifestation of the quality of stability, immutability (the principle of homo). What keeps you from chaos. From the point of view of the operator of the bracelet 2.6, this is the ability to be a "mass", to direct, to push through, and this can be both internal quality and external (broadcast to others). People in 2.6 are more recognized as leaders; they manage to better influence events. Even remotely, they are recognized as a “VIP person”, so, one of the 2.6 buyers described that his old car was started on the way from the meeting point with the courier who brought in 2.6, which can only be associated with a non-verbal change in the reading of the person’s qualities around him.

For the wearer, 2.6 increases stability, besides this quality is able to remove unnecessary "bounce" in health, bearing general normalization (removing chaotic deviations at the information level).

2.6 is a good defense and powerful recharge. It is perceived by some at the first contact as a more rigid version, difficult for the first days of use.
Using 2.6 leads not only to increase your influence on the world, but also to the fact that you spontaneously influence in a wider radius than usual. In view of this, the first days of using 2.6, many report strange events on the verge of bounce next to themselves (state of emergency, fights, strange personalities, etc.) - this moment needs to be carefully waited, your subconscious mind will adapt to a new kind of impact on the world and anomalies will stop.

Version 2.7, corresponds to the quality of neutro - staying in creative harmony between variability and constancy (homo and hetero). This quality marks the sea of vital energy. The wearer 2.7 receives powerful recharge. This affects the general tone and business. Surrounding begin to reach for him. This is especially noticeable for representatives of the opposite sex. At the same time, the reaction is often not logical, inexplicable, not understandable at all. As in the case with the driver, the car = not video, not verbal, not in appearance perception of you. Version 2.7 is taken by those who have to work under high load, physical or mental. She teaches (trains) the quality of energy that can lead a team and break through walls. Version 2.7 gives a state of harmonious balance, with a minimum of conflicts, despite the rapid (or violent) movement forward.

2.8 - version associated with high frequencies in our cocoon, with the work of consciousness, extrasensory abilities. In trinachal, this quality of Neito is the initial united world, the world of principles, the world of "number zero", a certain source. In physical terms, these are high frequencies of human energy, corresponding to the upper chakras. This is the launch of saturation of Ajna and related processes enhancing the operator’s influence on the world.

This is definitely a different perception of what is happening (a different state).

All bracelets 2.5-2.6-2.7-2.8 work as powerful simulators of consciousness, developing the ability to be in one of these states without a bracelet. The minimum recommended time for mastering the version is from a month or more.
in a normal state, a person always has all the qualities of a homo-hetero-neutron-neutral, but usually a person knows how to use only one of them well, rarely life gives the conditions for training a few. Since the BZ of all versions is primarily an activator and simulator of the subconscious, the use of 2.5-2.6-2.7-2.8 allows you to create unique conditions in the sense of self-training and development.

BZ 2.x do not conflict with each other and can be used simultaneously in any combination. In this case, just turning your attention, you can switch the active version. You can also create unique conditions for the cocoon, having different versions on different hands, thereby normalizing and pumping your own energy.

special attention should be paid to the fact that the BZ does not do anything on their own, do not make decisions for the person and everything that happens is connected with the opportunity and energy provided to the person, but the final decision and influence is always taken at the level of consciousness and / or subconsciousness of the operator (wearing BZ). It is this factor that provides “training” - over time, a person acquires the skills to obtain the same qualities, settings, and the ability to execute module algorithms (see the full description of the BZ) as with the BZ, but independently.

Useful trick: sometimes we want to protect our loved ones from troubles, who may not want to carry a BZ if this does not fit the image, travel conditions, costume, etc.
The effect of the presence of BZh2.0 can occur and remain in the following cases:

- a person has been in BZ2.x for at least a few tens of minutes and a cell cloud has formed on it (if it is not specially dropped by a mental team, it will exist for a very long time and perform the functions of a weaker virtual BZ).

- if the person on the watch has an AC sticker from the Ah series (I will mention below), since it has a 2.0 system.

- if some of a person’s things was charged with a 2.5 bracelet, on the surface of which a laser copy of the charging system 2.0 is applied (it is not covered by an external layer) (such a thing will become weak 2.0 if two people wear a 2.5 bracelet on it for a day. weak, because the charging technology is not fully observed )

The presence of even weak 2.0 obtained by one of the above methods (at least a trace from trying on the BZ for a while) can be enhanced by "redirecting" one or more ISNs to it. The operator managing the operation of ISN1-2, and their integration with the operator’s BZ, is always the actual owner of the ISN.

This is always determined correctly and automatically. (which is connected with quite a few stories and almost jokes, some of which are described on the forum). The operator can temporarily reassign with whom the ISN should work as an operator. To do this, it is enough to mentally formulate this. “Connecting” additional ISNs will strengthen the BZ (or virtual trace from it) of a person close to you, creating an additional safety factor for situations and health.

The authorization system used in our products cannot be hacked. No one can take control of your products. If you temporarily transfer control to someone, it will be transferred exactly as much as it is set (in time, before the event, or until the call is canceled).

Useful trick 2: if you can’t use the fact of the presence of a cellular cloud from BZ2.x on a person you want to provide assistance and assistance with, you can create a copy of BZ1.0 remotely on it (copier, duplication modules, see description and discussion on forums), this does not require his participation and even his consent.

If possible, you can dictate a 1.0 light matrix to him. According to this matrix, there are also many reviews of successful "local" application.

Completes the model range BZ2.x, a new product called Panacea.
This product combines the following qualities:

- functions 2.9, which consist in combining the qualities 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 in one product. These functions also consist in the fact that one of the qualities can be selected and strengthened by the team, which will create from the Panacea the “software” received analogue of the corresponding version of the BZ (2.5, 2.6, 2.7 or 2.8). Such an analogue in power will be similar to the original bracelet of the corresponding version, but may slightly differ in shades of quality (in versions 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 these qualities are shown in a more natural and natural way). To switch the qualities you need either a special device (the release is scheduled for September 2011) or a mental team. Switching with the device is more powerful, it will show the desired quality 2.x more distinctly and strongly.

Mental switching requires prior skill with the correct version. For this reason, the instrument variant is suitable for beginners. In order not to buy the device, you can use the programmer, which will be installed in the office, when ordering the Panacea (until this option is available), having received a bracelet immediately switched to some state.

There are two types of state switching for Panacea - permanent (not disconnected spontaneously) and temporary - can be disconnected under certain circumstances. For more details see the full description of the Panacea.

It is also possible to switch Panacea to mode 2.9, without selecting a specific version 2.x, for such a switch there is a matrix published on the forum and the programmer is not needed. Similarly (without the device) there is a return to the "Panacea" mode.

- Another useful function of the Panacea is the expansion of the "recovery" regime of BZh2.1, which is manifested in the Panacea stronger and tougher. This function is primarily strongly manifested in the case of a non-switched operation of the Panacea bracelet (or pendant). This mode is called "Panacea". In this mode, not only cocoon regeneration takes place, but also the active restoration of extraordinary abilities genetically embedded in humans. For many of the first, acquaintances with the panacea regime were marked by “horror films” in dreams that are vivid and memorable, however, this episode of using the panacea usually passes quickly, the brightness of dreams remains for most, but negative scenarios are worked out in them and then normal dreams go on. Dreams in the Panacea is one of the powerful mechanisms of self-restoration and management of reality.

The panacea regimen trains in the human Creator’s operator, restoring its ability to be in the state set by BJ3.0, preliminary (until the Panacea appears) long-term observation of those using 3.0, showed that basically they can be in consciousness mode 3.0 for a short time, and basically for them, 3.0 works more as a means of improving the quality of life through the manifestation of the properties of the Standard. This annoying moment helps to fix the Panacea.

- another important operating mode of the Panacea is a panacea flash drive, in this mode a training program can be written on top, similar to those used in the Vx series of training cartridges (vision training), other effective and necessary types can be recorded with the same success information and settings, power channels and much more. In this mode, Panacea is an ideal preparation for temporary or permanent creation of something new. An easy and quick “preparation of a homeopathic bracelet” is possible - recording the residual trace, information from anywhere, using this panacea function.

Panacea, as well as BZh1.0 (in the light version) and 3.0 (in the light version) have a lightweight accelerated creation matrix, available for free. Thus, a simplified ("light") version of the Panacea, you can make yourself. Many initially tried simply the influence of a matrix sheet on themselves. This version is simplified, but has full Panacea functionality.

Is the BZ Panacea a complete replacement for the entire 2.x line?

- not.

To start working with the BZ, a softer 2.0 or 2.1 is desirable, acquaintance with the qualities 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 is preferably not carried out through the Panacea, but directly from their carriers (BZ of the corresponding version), however, if it is impossible (financial) to have all these BZ - panacea is an ideal substitute with a host of additional properties.

Whether the Panacea is an important BZ in your collection is definitely yes. This is the best product in the line, with the most developed properties and the most flexible programmable environment for cell technology, where the operator who carries it has been given maximum control rights.

A separate line of products is the social series Ah, led by the AT product (artifact phone). This series of products is an important addition to BZ technology.

Consider the question “why?”, If the BZ and other products have such wide capabilities and functionality, then why is there something else social?

The whole problem is, society operates according to its standard algorithms, and often it has a choice, but even more often between different variants of reaction to "excitement", society reacts in a more predatory and negative way.

In addition, there is the problem of a person “running away from society”, so many who are engaged in some practices of personal development often complain that things are going on in society “in any way” or even negatively.

AH series is designed to fix this.
BZ of different versions affect how people (acquaintances and not familiar) react to you, and affect how you react to the world, which decisions you make and how.
The Ah series does not affect the reaction of individuals, but the fact that society as a single machine pushes people to positive interactions with you. This is help on the other hand, which is never superfluous!

AH, the series works in some way as a “nurse of society” - it heals social interactions within a certain radius of you, teaching members of the society to use positive social algorithms - revenue, mutual assistance, and others.

The AH series is primarily based on the AT product, all other products in the series work ONLY if the operator has AT.
AT is a pair of stickers on the battery (or the cover, if the battery is not removable, as on the iPhone), which carry holograms of algorithms for working with society in a positive manner and the relationship of the entire system of social extensions Ah with your BZ and other products using the KO technology . In addition, the AT can utilize the radiation of the electronics and antennas of the cell phone, turning them into biological energy to feed you, in cases of lack of energy. AT manipulates the principle of communication in society. Other extensions of Ah are created each for their own task and together they form a complete system that helps to a significant extent turn society towards you.

The purpose of the Ah group products is as follows:

AT is the basic module, it is also called "Artifact-telephone", it is also a power station. Its tasks are to energize all other “social extensions”, to create a “wearable source of strength” from the phone - in a critical situation, with fatigue, lack of energy, you can take the phone in your left hand and get additional energy boost. And, also, AT is engaged in specialized work - this is the principle of telephone communication in society, the principle that the right person can be found close, the principle of calling for help. In other words, this expansion of the BZ contributes to finding pleasant, correct necessary connections, often cutting off unnecessary ones. It comes to incidents - many write in reports that the connection is lost, when you try to make an unnecessary call, and then appears. Thus, AT is a very powerful and proven tool that expands the functionality of the BZ and the zone of your favorable influence on the world, which brings significant benefit to you.

AS - Artifact watch, a unique product, implemented in the form of a laser-processed sticker on the watch (on the cover), implements the work of synchronisms in society, regulates time flows. It is also interesting in that it contains a unique type of QO adapted for working with time streams. The speaker's goal is to make everything happen more often at the optimal time. Including random events.

It should be noted that despite the many bright and beautiful stories related to the work of these products, one should not expect from them some absolute effectiveness (read more reviews on the forum).

AFb - Artifact feedback, this product helps to optimize the informational feedback of society to your benefit. Such as finding the right and necessary information, the help of various means of information delivery, communities of people in your social interactions. Available in two versions (sticker or keychain)

AD - Artifact dominance. This product is one of the most powerful in the series. Available in the form of a 3D-engraved glass ball on a stand and a wearable “remote control” - a keychain. The task of the "AD" system is to increase your status (domination) and, at the same time, the correct legitimate work of social mechanisms in compliance with your interests.

AK - Artifact keys and doors, issued in the form of a keychain. Exploits the social principle of "access" to the necessary connections, people, information, structures, etc.

The following products have been created but not yet put into production:

AA - Artifact art is an interaction with the principles of cultural mass interactions developed in society as a source of energy and benefit.

AW - An artifact of the road, associated with the correct course (safety, help from others, etc.) of various trips and trips on any transport.

AV - The artifact of vision - is connected with the principle to discern non-obvious connections, causes and processes in society.

Afd - An artifact of food, associated with the correction of social programs for food as a cult, with the work on the informational improvement of food (food transformation), as well as on the operation of meals and feasts, as a social mechanism for establishing connections.

The release of this half of the Ah series into mass production is expected in the fall.

Additional participants in this series are two more products that are already on sale.
ACh2 - an addition to AT, a sticker on the "output" AT sticker, the exploitation of the principle of humanity, in relation to you. Issued not regularly. Now available in the office.

K1 - product "suit", a simulator of personality. It serves for a temporary configuration of personality traits that are not inherent in you, and allows you to temporarily change yourself and your own traits of behavior.
available in the form of a plastic bookmark in a diary with laser application of the working layer. Available for sale.

A suit can be useful for training the desired personality traits, but it can also be useful for temporary adaptation to social situations where you need to have a behavior style different from your own. The costume “draws” the collective experience accumulated in the world, under the personality traits you described, temporarily “dressing” it on you, training or temporarily changing you into the desired look. This changes not only your behavior and perception, but also the perception of others around you.

Attention. This text provides a brief description of the products for a basic understanding of the range and relationship. Before deciding to purchase (for paid products) or to make it yourself (for published free ones), you should carefully read the full description and reviews on the forum. When reading reviews, it should be noted that usually people publish the most vivid impressions, so you should not think that all users will have the same impressions right at the beginning of using the products. Each person and the situations surrounding him are individual. What determines the individual nature of the work of any similar products.