Glucophone «Creativity+». Music therapy

KSY-4834. Glucophone «Creativity+» with engraving - Asterisk (22 cm)
A device for meditation and the development of creative abilities.
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KSY-10253. Глюкофон «Творчество+» без гравировки, двусторонний (30-20 см)
Прибор для медитации и развития творческих способностей.
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How to choose a glucophone?

Glucophone (or “tank drum”) is a petal drum, thanks to which any person, regardless of age and gender, can independently develop hearing and sense of rhythm. It is enough to listen to yourself and rely on intuition.

The first video with glucophone appeared on the Internet in 2007. The ideological inspirer of this instrument was the Spanish percussionist Felle Vega, who presented in an interview a prototype glucophone called "Tambiro". Then it was a few cut petals on the basis of a propane cylinder. Thus, the musician clearly showed that any ordinary thing can have a cosmic sound.

Now the glucophone is two steel bowls of a gas cylinder, welded together. On the upper bowl, petals of different sizes are cut, giving a different sound. A hole is made on the lower bowl, which gives an output to the sound. In fact, it’s not so difficult to make a glucophone, and any person who has a grinder, a jigsaw and an unlimited desire to do something unusual and beautiful can do it.

It’s worth touching the petals of the glucophone with chopsticks or fingers, as the music begins to sound. This is due to the fact that the petals (tongues of the drum) resonate during strokes and spread vibrations around themselves during the game. Each petal of the instrument is tuned to its own note. Combinations of various notes create chords. Each chord is a certain tonality, that is, a shade of musical mood.

There can be many options for adjusting the glucophone, and each of them expresses a mood: light, funny, morning, enthusiastic, invigorating or gloomy, thoughtful, disturbing, mystical, calm. The mood can be complemented by ethnic motifs: Indian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Greek and others.

Also, the sound of the glucophone depends on the size: small instruments have a loud sound and a high tone, and large ones have a deep sound and rich bass.

In addition, the glucophone can have its own “face”, which it acquires through engraving. This can be an engraving depicting geometric fractals, patterns, symbols, animals, and even portraits, landscapes, and much more.

Without a doubt, everyone will find the sound of the glucophone to their liking and will easily learn to create their own musical works. At the same time, you can play the glucophone without special musical education and training.

Many people during the game on the glucophone noticed that their pulse and heartbeat became smooth and calm, and the solution to some difficult issue or the way out of this or that difficult situation came by themselves. Pregnant women noted that the sounds of the glucophone cause positive emotions and peace, and the babies begin to calm down or, on the contrary, show pleasant activity.

Many music therapists use the glucophone in their practice, who are convinced that the sound of this instrument not only helps to open up, but also becomes a means of communication and self-expression of people with mental problems. In the end, the glucophone is a great way to communicate that attracts interesting people and unusual people. Smoother or sharper, stronger or weaker, quieter or louder - playing a glucophone depends on a person’s state “here and now”. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and you will surely succeed!

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