Svetlitsa DELIGHT. Neutralization of various types of parasitism

An effective tool that enhances the ability to neutralize parasitism of various nature. First of all, the DELIGHT (OTRADA) system adapter affects the relationship of an energy-informational nature, known as "energy vampirism".

DELIGHT helps to reduce various addictions - to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, harmful informational and psychological attachments. It reduces the level of depression and anxiety. Increases tone and joy of life. True relationships are strengthened and become more vibrant and sensual. The general positive attitude is strengthened, the priorities of vital interests are more accurately set.

DELIGHT creates conditions for the appearance of additional light connections. It increases the order in light performance while reducing distortion and loss. The user with his transformed Living Light "highlights" the partner and thereby strengthens him. The nature of the relationship is changing, and it becomes possible to bring them to a new level of mutual support and mutual reinforcement.

  • Creates conditions for the growth of your personal energy
  • Reduces the risk of overexertion, fatigue, loss of energy
  • Improves the quality of the system connections of your relations
  • Reduces the level of anxiety, facilitates the recovery from depression
  • Enhances tone and joy of life
  • Help transform personal relationships
  • Helps in getting rid of pathological addictions (physical, psychological, emotional and informational)
  • Improves contact and understanding between people
  • Increases the share of Goodness in your life

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