Quantum Magic broadcast. Remote influence

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This is a way to have a beneficial effect on a person, as a whole, the ability to reveal and restore their original abilities of the Man and the Creator inherent in each of us. All broadcasts are based on QuantumMagic harmonizing resonant technology and allow you to undergo a number of positive changes in a short time, gaining new experience.
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Broadcasting is a way to have a beneficial effect on a person as a whole, to reveal the potential inherent in him, and to awaken dormant abilities.

Surely you know that the potential of a person significantly exceeds the minimum that most people use in everyday life. The influence of our consciousness on the world around us and our body, all that is called “super abilities” - all this is inherent in each of us, in our human nature, but these abilities are drowned and sleeping.

From this point of view, self-development is an awakening of these abilities, because everything that is revealed in a person on the way of his development comes from within him, which means that it was originally laid down in him. But this does not mean that self-development cannot be helped from the outside - on the contrary, it is possible to create favorable conditions for a more vivid and effective manifestation of still undeveloped, and therefore hidden qualities.

Broadcasting is one way to do this. This is an opportunity to reveal your facets and sides that you usually don’t use in everyday life, to get and learn new experiences, new skills, and put them into practice. As a result, this means restoring the person as a whole, improving health, increasing the level of energy, a surge of strength and energy, regeneration and rejuvenation, luckiness and strengthening your influence on the world.

In a broader sense, broadcasting is an opportunity to take new steps on the path of our development, to reveal and restore our original abilities of Man and Creator, which are inherent in each of us.

Broadcasting is an informational signal that creates a resonance, or, in other words, a “consonance” between you and the positive experience of the world. As a result of this, as always, when you interact with something, a new experience arises that you can use in the future, and, among other things, certain skills (which exactly depends on the chosen broadcast).

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