Radionic. Life energy generator

Manifestation. Energy program Power Radionics™
The program will add energy processes aimed at the realization of your goals and desires in life.
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Astro-Dynamic Manifestation (ADM). Program astro-dynamic implementation purposes
Using an orgone generator, you generate the energy of astrological houses (areas of life) according to your decision.
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Wilhelm Reich, inventor of the modern orgone battery, proved that orgone, by what he called life energy, is a fundamental, basic cosmic energy. This energy exists everywhere in the Universe and in a living organism, as part of the Universe.

At all times, man has tried consciously to use this energy for various purposes. In the distant days of the lack of technology, the practical application of the orgone - life energy - could not be qualified otherwise than as a manifestation of the capabilities of various religions. According to the theory and experiments of Wilhelm Reich, the orgone energy is the universal energy of the cosmos, which can be seen, felt and recorded using such devices as a Geiger counter, electron microscope, thermometer, etc.

Throughout the history of mankind, people have used the energy of space, the so-called “bioenergy” for all kinds of purposes. This use of cosmic energy was the result of life experience and practice. Being one of the first achievements of mankind, the use of this type of energy has become an integral part of all religions of the world, just as the use of fire and the production of metals has become an integral part of the economy of all countries and continents of the planet.

In the past, the practical application of cosmic energy was directly related to the religious beliefs of a society in which this energy and practical knowledge of it was applied. Moreover, whenever the application of bioenergy was successful, it was used as religious evidence and confirmation of certain religious postulates.

An organogenizer is a powerful device that will help you achieve guaranteed success faster and easier! Achieving results more effectively than before! And all this only by pressing a button !!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MODERN BIOENERGY TECHNOLOGY !!!

The money you want to have. The goals you want to achieve. Exotic places you want to visit. The abilities you want to develop. Good luck in everything that you did not undertake. The love you desire to receive. Abundance at all levels of your life. Spiritual harmony and life balance. THIS IS ONLY A SHORT LIST OF ALL THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE.

According to the theoretical and practical developments of Wilhelm Reich, Tesla and Karl Wels (Karl Hans Welz) - the inventor of the world's most powerful and efficient bioenergy / organic technology, THOUGHT AND DESIRE - this is the force that carries your decisions and obeys your commands.

This power is called bioenergy. Different religions and cultures call this power differently, for example QI or PRANA. The modern western term for the energy of life and the power of thought is ORGON. To understand the advantage that this power gives, imagine the following: if the aborigine is transferred from the jungle to modern society, electricity will be an empty sound for him, despite the fact that he has all the necessary skills and abilities for the power of electricity to work for him until he realizes and learns to turn the switch.

Only by the effort of thought and the power of desire you can control and improve your life many times !!! Thanks to the use of a simple and at the same time highly effective device - an organogenerator, you will get more control in all areas of life compared to all others.

RAD 1000. Entry-level device. An ideal entry-level device. Three control knobs (speeds) determine the frequency of the radionics and are used to create the necessary combination to achieve the desired effect.

RAD 2000. The base model. It consists of a low-frequency module with three digital switches for selecting frequencies, an orgone generator, plates for a target / trend, an automatic voltage regulator and a silver tube for orgone output.

RAD 2400HD. Radionic with a heavy duty generator. A model with a more powerful built-in generator, 8 switches and orgone plates for Trend / Goal with the choice of any of the 6 frequencies of the low-frequency module and has the ability to continuously configure.

Performer. Heavy duty radionics device. It is useful for use in all types of physical and mental activity, in competitive sports, fitness, bodybuilding, as well as in mental and physical practices such as Yoga, weight loss practices, Tai Chi, etc.

RAD 5. Advanced radionics implementation intentions. An extremely powerful generator of vital energy for advanced users, which consists of 5 organogenerators installed around the circumference and focused to the center using silver compounds and 5 radionics devices connected into one device. The model allows you to activate 5 independent goals and trends at the same time.

ATG 12000. The most powerful radionics for the realization of goals and desires. Advanced and powerful trend management equipment: 12 orgone generators, each of which can be tuned to any frequency, which will increase the accuracy of the structural connection based on the abstractions of the target and trend (radionics settings). It allows you to perform several operations simultaneously, it has a frequency meter for setting the exact frequencies: for planetary frequencies, for radionics frequencies, frequencies of consciousness or any other frequencies of your choice (0.6 Hz - 450 Hz).

Transfer-couple TC99 (transmission pair). For the smooth transfer of vital energy from radionics to any distance. Each pair of discs is made of superorgonite by hand and is unique.

Manifestation. Power Radionics Energy Program. It will add energy to processes aimed at translating your goals and desires into life. It will help you achieve undeniable success easily and quickly. It will help to achieve results more effective and long-term than ever.

Astro-Dynamic Manifestation (ADM). The program of astro-dynamic implementation of goals. Using an orgone generator, you generate the energy of astrological houses (areas of life) according to your decision. The program will provide you with the most powerful technology that will help you achieve stable changes in fate and move much further beyond the mission that is "recorded in heaven."

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