Svetlitsa wristband CLEAN LIGHT. Working with the Light body

Wristband CLEAN LIGHT AU. Increasing the energy of the Light body
Tool for Light-Creativity, Light-Manifestation, Light-Representation.
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Wristband CLEAN LIGHT Genium
Активная работа с энергетикой всего тела, очищение Световых потоков, идущих через руки. Развитие чувствительности к Световым потокам, повышение энергетики Светового тела человека, поднятие энергетической устойчивости.
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It is a powerful tool for Light Creativity, Light Manifestation, Light Representation.

Active work with the energy of the whole body, cleaning and strengthening the information trail:

Wristband CLEAN LIGHT will help you:

• Raise energy sustainability;

• Master the Non-Contact Light Massage;

• Self-tune the Light body;

• Coordinate the light fluxes around the person;

• To increase the energetics of the Human Light body;

• Develop sensitivity to Light streams;

• To clear the light streams going through your hands;

• Create Light crystals - event shapers;

• Strengthen the processes of simulation of structures;

• Construct your light bodies - the body of the soul, the body of the mind and the mind of the body;

• Maintain a light cocoon in all forms of the light hierarchy of times.

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