Mask «Palantir». Meditation and development of alternative vision

Palantirs in the legend of John Ronald Roel Tolkin — "seeing stones." With the help of these stones one could see what is happening now in another place, and one could also speak with an interlocutor who is far away (if he also has a palantir).

The mask was developed based on the ideas of the psychophysiologist Andrei Patrushev.

The “Palantir” mask is a synthesis of various technologies that greatly reinforce each other.

On the one hand, there are structural elements of the Laboratory for Information Designing, on the other hand, a multilayer mirror coating on a polymer basis, which is an orgone battery (according to Wilhelm Reich).

Purpose of the Palantir mask

- for deep meditation with open eyes in the dark;

- for rest and sleep in the presence of interfering external light sources;

- to improve vision;

- for work with psychoactive audio programs;

- for the development of alternative vision, vision, psychometry;

- for autopsychocorrection;

- to program the desired reality.

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