Mask «Palantir». Meditation, development of alternative vision

The palantir — in the legendarium of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien's - "seeing stones". Using these stones you can see what is happening at present in another place, and it was possible to talk with the person located far away (if he also has a palantir).

The purpose of the mask "Palantir":

— for deep meditation with open eyes in the dark;

— for rest and sleep in the presence of interfering external light sources;

— to improve vision;

— to work with psychoactive audio programs;

— for the development of alternative visions, clairvoyance, psychometry;

for autopsychological;

— for programming the desired reality.

Mask "Palantir" is a synthesis of various technologies, to a considerable extent mutually reinforcing.

On the one hand, the structural elements of a lab FACE, with the other multi-layer mirror coating on a polymeric basis representing the Orgone accumulator (For V. Raich).

The mask is designed based on the ideas of the physiologist Andrei Patrushev.