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Clear Vision. Glasses for the development of vision
Training for the development of “subtle vision”.
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Visual perception has physiological optical moments, but is not limited to them. It seems to us that the world is as we “see” it, that objects have colors, shape, location and move as they are in the objective external world.

However, in fact, what we see, what we focus on by 70% in our perception and knowledge of the world around us, reflects objective reality least of all, less than auditory or tactile sensations. We see a clever digital model, modulation, built by the brain based on information coming from outside.

Before entering the optic nerve bundle, the visual information undergoes significant changes due to both the optical system of the eye and the complex structure of the "computer" of the visual apparatus, and is subjected to external correction - implants and imprints, which are easier to integrate and make informational correction at the level visual computer and corresponding frequencies, and not directly in the nervous system after the receipt of signals from the optic nerve.

All of these are limiting factors that limit real vision (“vision”, “subtle vision”), which in fact was natural for a person. However, many people have difficulty in the process of "clear vision" (also called "direct vision").

Through various techniques, mainly associated with turning off visual perception, special settings of the brain or switching to other channels of information perception, a person can achieve "vision" ("direct vision"), that is, expand the perception of information from the outside world and bring it closer to the real , objective. But it turned out that visual “vision” is also possible, that is, direct vision without turning off visual perception, it is enough to make corrections that neutralize changes in the process of receiving and processing visual information. The Clear Vision device is used for this purpose.

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