Svetlitsa ENERGY OF TIME. Transformation of energy into matter

Svetlitsa ENERGY OF TIME Genium. Balancing energy and time
Проявление энергии жизни, рост финансового благополучия, ускорение трансформации мышления, уменьшение внутреннего сопротивления, преодоление страхов на пути к цели, восполнение жизненных сил.
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Time and Energy are Your Resources

By looking closely at your life, you can see that the most important resources you have are Time and Energy. Everything else in the world you get through them, transforming your energy or spending time, and usually both at the same time.

Creation is determined, first of all, by Energy. When there is strength (energy), you can invest it in something valuable to you. By spending time, you are converting energy into labor, for which you will receive money or other resources. Or you can invest this energy in relationships, in communication with loved ones. Or to maintain comfort in the house, to get new impressions (energy is also needed to process information). Energy is needed for everything. Every cell in your body has tiny "power plants" called mitochondria. Thanks to them, you can breathe, think, read this text and understand it.

Time and energy are inextricably linked. And in order to live qualitatively, to feel joyful, fulfilled and cheerful, it is important to maintain a balance of energy and time. The Energy of Time is a device designed to replenish, maintain and increase your Energy-Time balance at the structural level.

And also for:

- Manifestations of the energy of life

- Increased financial well-being

- Accelerating the transformation of thinking

- Reducing internal resistance

- Overcoming fears on the way to the goal

- Replenishment of vitality

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