Svetlitsa VEY. Strengthening the body's defenses

Svetlitsa VEY Genium. Opening reserve resources
Усиление защитных сил организма, настройка на силы природы и силы стихий, устойчивость к изменяющейся среде, открытие резервных ресурсов
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It helps to find and increase internal reserves and it is easier to go through personal transformation to multidimensional thinking.

The gift of the Goddess Vey gave a person invulnerability to all diseases, and the incredible power of the Spirit (from folklore) ...

The sorceress Vey brought to Earth an amazing amphora, drinking from which a person became an invulnerable long-liver. So the legends say. What needs to be done to make the legend come true?

Know the truth and act.

Wei's structure was created specifically to dispel sorrows and hardships and breathe warmth, love and care.

  • Strengthening the body's defenses
  • Attunement to the forces of nature and the forces of the elements,
  • Amazing resilience to a changing environment
  • Overwhelming lightness from an increase in the level of energy in the body.
  • Internal transformation and attunement to higher vibrations
  • Launching automatic self-development
  • Opening reserve resources

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