Svetlitsa VITA. Reducing dependencies

Svetlitsa VITA 108. Reducing addictions of various nature
It will help reduce alcohol addiction. Recovery of energetics and body systems.
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This device does not contain any power source or any known physical fields. His work is based on the latest achievements of the theory of physical structures - information management of the structure of space - time. Any object is immersed in space - time as a habitat and has its own structure. But space - time is not uniform, it also has a structure.

These structures interact, exchange information. But there are other polluting structures as well. They can be called interferences, since they can distort information exchange, interfering with ongoing processes. Svetlitsa reduces the effect of interference and enhances the work of the main body systems. If, under the influence of environmental disturbances, a person begins to behave inadequately, to consume alcohol in significant doses, to show aggression, then Svetlitsa-Vita will help remove these distortions and normalize behavior.

Svetlitsa-Vita allows a person to become more adequate to the world around him, increases his stability, which leads to a decrease in the need for alcohol or drugs. The level of alcohol dependence gradually decreases and the person returns to normal life, finding harmony and love of loved ones.

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