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Slim Spurling practiced fine energy all his life. Long before the invention of LIGHT LIFE Tools ™, its merits were recognized both in geobiology and in biolocation. Geobiology studies the influence of what can be called the “Earth energies” on any living creature, and is based on the understanding that the earth is permeated with energy lines, or meridians, of electromagnetic energies. These invisible meridians pass directly through matter and have either a positive or negative impact on the environment of both people and the systems that inhabit it.

Since man is an electromagnetic being, every cell in the human body is like an electric battery. In the presence of negative vibrations, our bodies react with pain, or anger, or depression. These energies, or what Geobiologists call “Geopathogenic stress,” are the cause of 90% of all diseases on the planet - and they affect everything in its path, which makes it difficult to maintain harmony in our lives.

Slim's work and research in the field of negative vibrations led him to develop a technique that practically negates their destructive consequences. Over time, when he became more familiar with these subtle energies, Slim discovered that they could be changed or transformed from negative to positive effects using very simple biolocation techniques.

Slim Spurling has developed LIGHT LIFE ™ products for:

  • environmental cleanup
  • air pollution cleaning
  • alternative farming methods
  • water improvement
  • insect control without sprays
  • beneficial distribution of insects
  • energy balancing
  • alternative health care methods
  • personal help
  • computer radiation reduction
  • reduce pollution from electromagnetic fields
  • improving fuel efficiency
  • improving personal life and business

In 1991, after years of research in the field of subtle energies, Slim Spurling developed the device, now known as the LIGHT LIFE ™ Ring. Without a clear understanding of where this discovery will lead him, Slim conducted a series of experiments and found that it turns out that the rings help out in a wide variety of conditions. The original ring soon turned into technology on a broader basis. 

Fifteen years of application at a basic level have shown that an increasing number of people who use LIGHT LIFE Technology ™ have had remarkable effects on air, water and soil pollution. Not only do LIGHT LIFE Tools ™ have the potential to clean up to 80% of the dirt on the planet, they are also used to cure diseases and enhance human consciousness.

Each ring is a superconductor. Studies have shown that the light they produce expands the radius of the orbits of all the electrons located in their path. This effect gives anything in this area the ability to hold more energy and more light. As a result of the influence of these higher frequencies of light, anything is removed or removed that is not from the light. If you think about it, it’s easy to understand why LIGHT LIFE rings have such positive healing properties...

Rings and Acu-Vac-Coil. A tensor ring is an infinite source of energy, but neither electric nor magnetic. This energy is beneficial and healing for all life forms. The ring is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields, brings coherence to chaos and it has a measurable gravitational effect. The Acu-Vac-Coil was designed like a ring. It is also a superconductor: it differs from rings in that the one-way energy flow is selectively directed along the axis of the coil. “Negative” energy causing “pain” in the body is passed through the coil and converted into “positive” energy. In a sense, the coil acts as a vacuum cleaner for "pain," "negative energy."

Lense. Direction and increase in orgone energy. Coil (spiral) Saint Buster Button (SBB). This node is used to direct orgone energy, increase its flow, convert DOR (destructive orgone) to POR (positive), structure water, work with thought forms, activate and recharge crystals

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