Resonances. Tuning to Energy sources

How to connect resonances?

“In every millimeter of space there is as much energy as you need,” N. Tesla said.
Everything is energy. We swim in the ocean of energy, but we always lack it - for something or a certain quality. Let's see why?

A person is subject to various energy processes, which may have a different frequency (rhythm). Interacting with any aspect of the outside world, a person interacts with one or another energy and tries to give it a definition - qi, ki, orgone, prana ...

Our energy body - our energy-informational structure - is initially adapted to resonance (connection) with various energies. Depending on its parameters, there is a certain bandwidth, the band of the current frequency of our energy. The higher it is, the greater the person’s ability to resonate (tune) with energies of different frequencies.

Resonances act on the principle of increasing the throughput of human energy channels. For humans, this means the ability to perceive, resonate (interact), and most importantly, operate / use (process information) various energies and energy blocks.
It is important that the activated energy-information keys act systemically, that is, they do not cause disharmony with existing energy sources. An increase in the energy flow occurs due to the opening, tuning, balancing and increasing the internal connectivity of existing, but not active channels in the structure of the “energy body”. We can say that there is a repair and the creation of a “new wiring” in the structure of energy channels through which new and more powerful flows of fine energy begin to pass.

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