The human brain is considered one of the least studied organs, the mysterious and unpredictable activity of which can enter into a stupor even the brightest minds of our planet. But with the discovery of magnetic resonance imaging, absolutely new possibilities have emerged for studying brain functionality. The observed activity of individual sites when performing different types of activities has led to the development of completely unique devices for stimulating the brain.

Using brain stimulation devices

Initially, brain stimulation methods were used exclusively for medical purposes, but now the results obtained in this field of science are actively penetrating into everyday use. With their help, you can improve memory and learning ability, help yourself get rid of bad habits, cheer up, make relaxation more effective, etc.

Our site presents a wide selection of devices for stimulating the brain and the body as a whole, thanks to which you can easily improve yourself.

Devices for lucid dreams are a mask of soft materials that is worn on the eyes before bedtime.

The electronic circuit board integrated inside the mask has a sensor that responds to eye movements in the REM phase, thus signaling the beginning of dreams. After that, the flight of your fantasies and desires has no limits. You can realize all your pipe dreams (fly to the moon, hold a famous person by the hand), get rid of fear of heights, standing on the edge of the abyss, in a word, do everything that is impossible in real life.

Mask "Palantir" for meditation with open eyes. This device contains various technologies that not only complement, but also significantly enhance each other's work. Accordingly, the use of a mask allows you to improve the health of the body in various fields, from increasing visual acuity and restful sleep to deep meditation and autopsychocorrection.

Doctor TES-03 is a transcranial brain electrostimulation device. Since neurons (brain cells) interact on electricity, weak microcurrents can activate their work. Exposure to a constant weak current makes it easier for neurons to perform their functions.

The use of the device Doctor TES-03 increases the body's ability to produce hormones of joy (endorphins). As you know, it is this group of hormones that keeps us in high spirits, helps fight depression, relieves chronic fatigue, accelerates the processes of mental activity, and helps the body recover physically after illness, etc. To be brief, makes us happier.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY to increase your health resource. A unique apparatus that enhances the protective functions of all systems and organs of a person, improves performance, slows down the aging process by releasing the reserve capabilities of the body. Convenient, compact, does not require training or special conditions of use. All that is required is to choose one of four modes, depending on your needs, and you will definitely feel the harmony of mind and body.

The QBinder and QStepper series are devices designed to influence the probabilities of certain events. Depending on the type of device, the method and purpose of its use by the owner, his attitude to a certain result or desire, the probabilities of events can increase, decrease or equalize (agree with each other).

Devices can be viewed as a kind of "amplifier" or "lever" to facilitate the mental efforts of the human operator to change the surrounding Reality in their own interests.

QActivator  is a device designed to activate water, aqueous solutions, aqueous liquids and products. Depending on the distance to the device, the duration of exposure, the method and purpose of its use by the owner, his attitude to a certain result or desire, a different level of activation of water and aqueous solutions can be provided.

Also on our website are presented in a wide assortment:

Devices for seeing aura. Until recently, only the “chosen ones”, whom we often admired and considered superhuman, could see the human aura. Now consider the subtle world of a person hidden from external view, his feelings and character under the strength of everyone. Devices for seeing the aura are glasses that, thanks to the classic frame, can be used even in everyday life, studying the aura of people without attracting their attention.

Clothing and accessories technology EMF ARMOR. In the modern world, we are everywhere surrounded by devices that are sources of electromagnetic radiation. Take, for example, an elementary mobile phone, which many people out of habit carry in their breast pockets, so to speak, closer to their heart, despite its detrimental effect. Yes, many will say, you have to pay for comfort. But obviously not his health! The special metallized fabric in EMF ARMOR clothes will allow you to protect yourself and your loved ones from exposure to electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic radiation).

By purchasing devices for brain stimulation, you can significantly increase the ability of your body - simply, affordable, efficiently and without harm.


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