EMF ARMOR. Shielding bedsheet «Silver Dreams» (with grounding)

EMF ARMOR. Shielding bedsheet «Silver Dreams» (with grounding)

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A line of EMF ARMOR clothing, accessories and home products shielded from electromagnetic radiation.


Bed sheet with grounding is designed to protect against low radiation (low-frequency electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of up to 10 kHz). Sources of harmful electromagnetic radiation LF range are:
— wiring flat
— computer
— fridge
— electric stoves
— washing machine
— Hairdryer
— other appliances

Can be used in the nursery, as well as shielding a light blanket during the day.

Complete grounding cord (since the grounding of outlets in Russia can be called purely conventional, at the end of the cord to the ground the crocodile provides for grounding through the battery).

Also has an antibacterial effect. Recommended to combine with the blanket of "Silver Dreams" with protection from RF radiation.
Made of a fabric X-DREAM.

Dense, resistant to mechanical stress, the fabric, of cotton, pleasant to the body, with antibacterial effect. The only drawback of this fabric is a large cell, whereby an effective shielding takes place in the LF range in the HF range, the degree of shielding decreases.

Cotton — 96,5%
Silver conductive thread — 3,5%

— Breathable
— Easy
— Antibacterial
— Resistant to mechanical stress


190×140 cm

— The effectiveness of the shielding of low frequency field: 50 dB (100,000 times the capacity)
— Screening efficiency static fields: 50 dB (100,000 times the capacity)
— Screening efficiency high-frequency fields: 25 dB (316 times the power)
Surface conductivity:<5 Ом/дюйм
— Weight: 135 g/sqm

Under the main ordinary sheet
Mandatory grounding

Machine washable in delicate cycle at a temperature not above 30 degrees
Ironing without steam 1.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean

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