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Energy Concentration Device (UKE) - special devices that, due to the effect of their own form, create zones of increased energy around themselves.

A variety of devices does not mean that they are all aimed at solving radically different tasks. This is more like evolution: each new device that is created carries the capabilities of the previous ones and something new is added, expanding the functionality of the Uke. Despite the variety of forms and contents, absolutely all UKEs help to solve the following problems:

  • establishment of biorhythms of living systems;
  • improving memory and sleep;
  • reduction of the influence of geopathic zones in the premises;
  • improving relationships with loved ones;
  • improving the psychological climate in the team;
  • increase of working capacity and organization;
  • reduction in the number of accidents and bulletins;
  • increase in efficiency and durability of equipment;
  • reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions;
  • decrease in the number of accidents;
  • they get rid of rodents and harmful insects;
  • positively affect flora and fauna.

In addition to the functions common to all devices, each model has its own particular effects on energy and radius of action, and can also be aimed at solving additional problems, depending on the modification.

So, for example, devices with a Reich battery are aimed at solving more physiological problems (at the same time they can be programmed for specific purposes), and devices equipped with a Star, fullerenes, a Ball Oscillator, as well as a generation of "EL" devices also work with spiritual and genetic human basics.

Devices of actualization of being (UAB) - their creation is based on the basic properties of energy concentrators, which allows them to also solve a wide range of tasks related to the restoration of the living energy of space and living systems. In addition to the basic functions of all energy concentration devices, UAB has unique in nature capabilities to help people develop in the New Time and “contribute to a more harmonious passage of the Event Horizon.

The devices of actualization of being are formed by three Fibonacci spirals located in the plane of the circle and emerging from the Rune located in the center of the device, with a point inside, whose function is to actualize the fullness of the New Being, including rational and irrational aspects.

The strength and power of the devices for updating the New Being are determined by the size: the minimum size is set by the need for no contact of the turns; the maximum size is Creation itself. The properties of devices of actualization of being are determined by the action of Runes in the center of the device:

Rune Ayia - harmonization and the formation of his time;
Rune of Al-go - the formation of the New Being;
Rune Voz - purification, clearing of the accumulated Force De;
Runa El - the action of the World Will ”(V.P. Goch)

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