Svetlitsa RUG-BLISS. Quick recovery of strength

Svetlitsa RUG-BLISS. Muscle relaxation and relaxation
Promotes rapid recovery of the body, encourages an active targeted action.
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A device for quick recovery of forces.

Who can boast of being able to instantly recuperate after strenuous work? Who always gets enough sleep and feels refreshed upon waking up? I would like to, right?

Due to the redistribution of life potential from the chaos to the biolaser type, the Rug-Bliss promotes the rapid recovery of the body, encourages active purposeful action and helps to compensate for energy costs. The Rug-Bliss works as a network impulse adapter capable of redistributing tensions in a person, contributing to relaxation and relaxation.

With the help of the Rug-Bliss, you can:

  • Feel lightness
  • Quickly recuperate
  • Relax your back and neck muscles
  • Compensate for energy losses
  • Feel an improvement in well-being
  • Normalize night sleep and daily routine
  • Enhance the effect of meditation
  • Get enough sleep faster.

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