Svetlitsa HEALER. Acceleration of healing processes

Svetlitsa HEALER. Acceleration of healing processes
Increases resistance to seasonal colds. Improves the relationship between body systems. Increases the density of the energy shell. Configures the structure of the future time. It enhances immunity. Increases the effectiveness of treatment.
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Device for restoring the integrity of the structure of human life time

  • Increases resistance to seasonal colds
  • Improves the connection between body systems
  • Increases the density of the energy shell
  • Adjusts to the structure of the future time
  • Helps to strengthen immunity
  • Increases the effectiveness of treatment

Integrity restoration. Svetlitsa Healer helps to restore the integrity of the body's time structure. At the same time, there is a natural strengthening of the body's defense systems, the work of organs is getting better, inflammation decreases, the reproduction of pathogenic viruses and bacteria is suppressed.

Spiritual component. The interaction of the structure of the Svetlitsa Healer with a person occurs not only at the level of physiology. The healer also has a spiritual orientation. Svetlitsa Healer allows a person to see their emotional traumas, cleanse themselves of them, and feel spiritual protection. Helps to open the heart, to feel hope and joy. Enhances concentration of thoughts, restores confidence, peace, trust, self-love and spiritual awareness.

Balance and consistency. Svetlitsa Healer makes us more balanced and in this state we can more fully accept and love ourselves. In every healing, a systematic approach is important. The healer helps to mobilize the internal forces of the body to fight various viral infections. Helps prevent unnecessary loss of energy. Strengthens the immune defense and accelerates the immune response when viruses enter the body. An accelerated cure is also possible by increasing the body's energy.

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