Additional glasses and headphones for mind machine

Universal Color and White glasses (for both closed and open eyes) for the mind machine Navigator.

Color glasses are created as field independent glasses with six RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs for each eye. Each complementary pair of LEDs can be programmed to its frequency and color. Color can also change automatically (randomly), which creates an additional entertainment component.

White glasses will give you extraordinary sensations and help you make a significant leap forward in the field of audiovisual stimulation.

ColorTrack glasses for mind machines Nova Pro 100 and Lumina.

This is the first generation of the so-called “smart” light-stimulating glasses with a built-in microprocessor. These glasses provide the user with a choice of 20 different colors, including different for each eye. In addition, there is a mode when the color changes depending on the frequency of stimulation. This last opportunity gave the name to the ColorTrack eyewear brand (“color tracking”).

Premium glasses with white LEDs for mind machines Nova Pro 100 and Lumina.

They will give your light and sound session such a richness of colors and a sense of space like no other color. They are just made for great light and sound sessions.

The LEDs of the real white spectrum (4 per eye) produce more intense stimulation at a deeper level. Thanks to the white LEDs, the red-hot “white” light looks yellow.

Put on your white glasses, close your eyes and you will see any color you can imagine. With white glasses, full spectral stimulation is possible with the guarantee that the red, green and blue retinal cones will receive full-fledged stimulation equivalent to the natural light spectrum. White light is most effective for imaginative relaxation and visualization.

Open type pvStim glasses for the Mind machines Nova Pro 100 and Lumina.

For stimulation with open eyes, they are used to improve concentration while reading or to stimulate creativity in playing music and drawing.

Examples of using glasses with open eyes:

In alpha state - reading and editing documents,

Beta - writing documents, etc.

Theta - An overview of the surroundings of your home to collect ideas for design, decoration or creativity,

Delta is candlelight meditation.

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