Svetlitsa RELAX. Relaxation and reducing tension

Svetlitsa RELAX. Quality rest
A device for reducing stress in people's lives, improves sleep, strengthens health, reduces energy losses, quickly recovers strength, improves the quality of life through the normalization of rest.
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Светлица РЕЛАКС Genium. Качественный отдых
Укрепляет здоровье, уменьшает потери энергии, быстро восстанавливает силы, улучшает сон и качество жизни через нормализацию режима отдыха.
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The main feature of RELAX is the ability to effectively interact with structures in the Dreaming Reality. In a dream, we all interact with the world of Structures, as in ordinary reality. However, during sleep, there is an exit outside the existing reality, which manifests itself in strange dreams, which, often, cannot be comprehended and retelled.

The realities in which we wander in our dreams may appear similar to the daytime, but shifted in time. So, for example, we can see past events and people who no longer exist in unusual actions, if the time of this reality lags behind ours. Or, you can see future events (prophetic dream) if the time in the dream reality is ahead of the time of ordinary reality.

However, all these realities are connected in the World of Structures into a single system. Therefore, in a dreamy reality, you can solve problems that are difficult to solve in ordinary reality. The RELAX card will help you with this.

Quality rest and healthy sleep are the basis for productivity, well-being and strong immunity. Svetlitsa RELAX will help you to relax, reduce stress levels, recover your strength faster, and compensate for energy losses. The rest will be of high quality and rich.

  • Reducing stress in people's lives
  • Improves sleep
  • Promotes health
  • Reduces energy loss
  • Recovers strength quickly
  • Improves quality of life by normalizing rest

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