QBinder and QStepper. Influence on the probabilities of events

The site presents QStepper and QBinder devices designed to actively influence the probabilities of some events. Devices can be viewed as a kind of "amplifier" or "lever" to facilitate certain practical efforts of the human operator to change the surrounding reality in their own interests.

In fact, devices work as filters that cut off probable outcomes of events that are unfavorable for their owner, or, conversely, help to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Depending on the strength of the impact of the device, the method and purpose of its use by the owner, his attitude to a certain result or desires - the probability of events can increase or decrease. The probabilities of some events can also be equalized (when using the QStepper and QBinder instruments together).

QBinder and QStepper. Influence on the probabilities of events — in the online store mindmachine.ru

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