Self-development Club

The only criterion for membership in the Club is a desire and interest in self-development. The club is a common field of positive change. Club Self-development is a community that brings together people interested in their development.

The only criterion for membership in the Club is the desire and interest in self-development. The Self-Development Club is a common field for positive changes and is a community that brings together people interested in their development.

“U-system” is a triorigin system of social (group) self-development, the essence of which is universality, and the main principle of which is the deployment of individual development in a single field of changes. The principle of operation of the U-system is simple: there are three basic social archetypes, moreover, each person has one dominant (most developed) archetype from birth (natural or innate given). The global task of self-development is not to deepen into natural givenness, but to universality, that is, the development of the least developed qualities from birth.

Three functions of the U-system: Will, Reason, Feelings (this does not mean emotions, but a sensual way of perceiving the world). They correspond to three types of human personality: Man of Will, Man of Mind and Man of Feelings, and three basic software packages: “Sage”, “Warrior” and “Priest”. Naturally, there is no one type or another in its pure form. Each time we are dealing with this or that balance and its manifestation in this or that situation. In one situation, the programs of a warrior can be activated, in another - a priest. But we are always dealing with the interaction of these types with each other within any community - system. It can be a society in general, and a Self-Development Club, as a natural community. That is why natural systems are in constant dynamics and a state of balance, subtly reacting to any changes that occur with each element of the system.

As a consequence of this principle, the most valuable qualities both for a person (individual development) and for the entire system (social development) are the rarest (lack of) qualities for him. Thus, within the framework of the deployment of the U-system, the tasks of the community and the individual coincide, there is a favorable symbiosis, and not opposition, as is often the case in other systems of self-development.

In itself, self-development, as a desire for universality, is natural for the energy-information structure of a person. It is not for nothing that the most useful and productive program exchange for everyone occurs between operators that have opposite qualities (it was also noted that opposites attract). Self-development, which is built on the overdevelopment and exploitation of natural givens, always and inevitably comes to a standstill, although at first a leap (the appearance of development) and the achievement of some current goals is possible. Only the deployment of natural givens according to the principle of universality makes the process of self-development vectorial, continuous and truly limitless. The overall program balance of these three types also changes from era to era, due to a greater or lesser need for one of the functions: struggle (military resources), creation (production resources) or solidarity (diplomatic resources). Which of them dominate, and which ones have a shortage at the moment, everyone can easily determine for himself, just as it is easy to conclude that, according to natural data, there are people who are “valuable” for the era, and there are “excessive”, therefore less valuable. Only a universal person can adjust the era for himself and not fight with society, time and environment, but stay in harmony with them.

Each club member can distinguish in himself the initial natural given, the deployment of which takes place in the Self-Development Club, as a single field of changes. These are not those characters that are formed under the influence of the life path and the impact of the environment on a person, these are more ancient - millennial - stable archetypes that are originally inherent in the human psyche. is a leader in the development and sale of devices for self-development in Russia and the CIS countries.

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