Svetlitsa COSMOS. Stable mental activity

Svetlitsa COSMOS 108. Structuring thoughts
A tool for creating JOY of good mood and structuring of thoughts.
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Svetlitsa COSMOS AU. Structuring thoughts
Помогает быстрее решать Ваши задачи и осуществлять Ваши цели. Она расчешет спутанные мысли и подарит ясное понимание. Расчёсывание – творческий акт, а расчёска – инструмент Творца. Помогает лучше воспринимать идеи и знаки, идущие извне.
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A device placed on a hairbrush or massage brush can affect light connections and abilities. Since ancient times, hair in Russia was called "Cosmas". The words Cosmos and Cosmas are one-root. Cosmas were considered antennas that connected people with their ancestors living in other worlds and on other planets in the midst of space. There are many legends associated with hair, here are just a few of them. Samson's strength was in his hair until Delilah cut it off; young maidens cut off their "blond hair" in order to weave a ward for their beloved, and a warrior with such a ward was invincible. In the traditions and philosophy of the East, the main energy center connecting a person (microcosm) with the Universe (Macrocosm) is also located in the region of the crown. The conventional wisdom about brushing hair is now changing. Now combing is a creative act, and the comb is a tool of the Creator, an artist's brush or a poet's pen.

Svetlitsa - Cosmos will help you learn how to quickly solve your problems and realize your goals. She will comb out confused thoughts and give clear understanding. Combing thoughts increases analytical skills, allowing you to see structure and "iridescence" where there were no shades before and everything looked uniform and gray. Hence - new possibilities of synthesis, discoveries and creative realization.

It is a tool for creating joy, good mood and structuring thoughts. Using the Svetlitsa - Cosmos, you reorganize your life, your thinking, bring your desires to life and form a happy Bright Future for yourself. Constant use of the Svetlitsa - Cosmos reinforces the effect of stable mental activity.

Cosmos will restore the structural connections of consciousness and subconsciousness at the level of the physical, light, mental body. With Cosmos, you can:

  • Learn to replenish energy faster
  • Improve the health and appearance of hair
  • Improve metabolic processes in the scalp
  • Take a fresh look at ideas, thoughts and challenges
  • Achieve stable mental activity
  • It is easy to distinguish important from unnecessary in the flow of information
  • Think systematically and holistically, combining logic and creativity

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