Currently, a huge number of information products for adjusting consciousness are offered everywhere - psychoactive discs and audio programs.

Let's try to briefly figure out what it is, how effective and safe they are.

As you know, the human brain is a kind of uninterrupted generator of electrical impulses, which are called brain waves. The frequency of these impulses is measured in hertz, and the dominant frequency of brain waves determines the general condition of the brain and the whole organism.

The main groups of brain waves are distinguished:

  • Delta waves. Appear in the period of deep sleep, trance, hypnosis. In addition, delta waves are responsible for the production of hormones that prevent aging.
  • Theta waves. They arise during the phase of REM sleep or deep meditation, give a feeling of a carefree state of mind. There are suggestions that a half-hour theta wave therapy replaces 4 hours of normal sleep.
  • Alpha waves. They determine the borderline state between sleep and awakening, evoke positive emotions, a sense of carelessness, harmony and comfort. When the brain works in this rhythm, the person becomes more pronounced ability to control his life. There comes an understanding of how to better deal with various life problems, overcome addiction, fears, etc.
  • Beta waves. Corresponding to the state of active wakefulness, when a person is fully awake and the brain is busy solving everyday tasks. At the same time, the long-term dominance of beta waves can lead to a stressful situation when the brain is not able to find a way out of the problem and think creatively.

They often say: "Close your eyes, and the decision will come by itself." An ordinary plain phrase has a logical explanation: closing his eyes, a person activates alpha waves.

Music and brain waves

In the course of numerous experiments, it was found that we are able to learn much faster and more efficiently when our brain is in a state of relaxed attention. You can plunge into this state with the help of certain types of meditation, listening to relaxing, calming music, with a certain rhythm and a set of sounds.

At the end of the last century, the “Mozart effect” was discovered, which explains why people who listen to the music of this great composer have higher rates of mental activity. The fact is that the pace of his works actually duplicates the wavelength of the brain, which is radiated in a state of relaxed readiness. That is why children absorb knowledge like sponges, because the brain of a healthy child is often in alpha state.

The principle of exposure to psychoactive discs - sound treatment

Paradoxical as it sounds, modern audio technologies for influencing consciousness are in many respects similar to the methods used by shamans in the distant past. By throat singing or playing special instruments, they resonated with a diseased human organ, intuitively determining the frequency necessary for healing.

Modern techniques are based solely on scientific clinical studies that accurately determine the effect of various frequencies on the human body. Thanks to correctly selected frequencies, programs correct only that area of the human body where the failure occurred. At the same time, such a frequency effect remains completely harmless to other areas, which is proved and confirmed by neuroacoustic scientists of many research centers of the world.

The ability to find out of millions of variations is just such an option of combining frequencies that can solve the task - not everyone can do it. Undoubtedly, the authors of psychoactive audio programs should have many years of practice behind them, from personal meditation to visual healing with the help of frequency exposure.

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