Svetlitsa DRIADA. Vitality for plants

Svetlitsa DRIADA 108. Acceleration of plant development
For houseplants. It promotes better germination and plant survival.
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This amulet got its name in honor of the spirits of the Dryad forest. Driada will not only protect your plants from pests and help them cope with unfavorable environmental factors. It promotes better plant germination and survival. Spreads an aura of safety and comfort around them. All this, in turn, increases the comfort in your home.

The magic of the Druids did not disappear into oblivion with the ancient Celtic priests. Druids understood the language of plants and knew how to turn the power of the forest into real magic. The ancient priests used their knowledge to maintain life in plants and protect them from diseases and elements. Using the knowledge of the ancient priests, we have created structures for the comfort and health of plants.

The energy information structure of Driada stickers is designed with an understanding of the needs of plants and the overall environmental situation. Driada will help your plant cope with the difficulties that it cannot change or prevent. With Driada, your plants will receive additional vitality to grow and delight you with their health.

Dryad stickers for your green pets:

  • Increase seed germination
  • Accelerate the development of plants
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Reduce the influence of negative factors
  • Strengthens vitality

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