Svetlitsa BIO YANTRA. Purification of the internal environment

Svetlitsa BIO YANTRA. Restoring the balance of energy and internal environment
Helps to restore balance in the space around you. It neutralizes structural distortions in the relationship and your environment, thereby creating a harmonious space and an orderly time around the user.
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BIO YANTRA is an effective tool for neutralizing parasitism of various natures and quickly restoring human energy. It is specially designed to help you get out of a weakened state. It is a system of effective regulation of one's life.

The unique BIO YANTRA technology combines innovative structural filters that correct energy metabolism and harmonizing figures of sacred geometry known since ancient times.

The principle of operation of the device is based on developments in the field of information transfer of high-quality normalization of biosystems. The beneficial effect of the BIO YANTRA system has been confirmed by studies of adaptation of living systems and an increase in their resistance to environmental factors, a decrease in stress levels, and a decrease in pathogenic organisms in all examined patients.

In the design of BIO YANTRA, the sacred symbol Durga Yantra is used, which also contributes to rapid restoration, harmonization, and protection from external negativity. The Durga-yantra sign, depicted on the outside of BIO YANTRA, symbolizes the energy that helps to overcome poverty, suffering, hunger, bad habits, diseases and attachments. Thanks to a new structural combination, BIO YANTRA restores harmony, fills with strength and determination to move forward along the spiritual and life path.

What BIO-YANTRA gives:

  • Strengthens the body's immune defenses. Increases disease resistance.
  • Accelerates the cleansing of the body from infections, parasites and toxins.
  • Increases the body's adaptability and resistance to pathogens.
  • It improves contact and mutual understanding, brings relations between people to a qualitatively new level - mutual support and mutual reinforcement.
  • Reduces the level of anxiety, facilitates the recovery from depression.
  • Transforms negativity into good energy. Helps transform physical, psychological, emotional and informational addictions.
  • Promotes the growth of your personal energy.
  • Gives strength to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Reduces the risk of overexertion, fatigue, loss of energy. Acts as a powerful defense against external negative energy.
  • Increases tone and joy of life.

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