Svetlitsa OWN SHIRT. Improving the quality of washing

Svetlitsa "OWN SHIRT" 108. Improving the quality of washing
System - information adapter, designed for machine and manual (after soaking) washing clothes.
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"Own shirt" is a system-information adapter designed for machine and manual (after soaking) washing of linen.

- Improves the environment by significantly reducing the amount of chemicals used for washing;
- Improves the quality of washing;
- Saves money both on detergents (up to 10 times) and on electricity (you can rinse less and wash on fast modes);
- Reduces the manifestation of allergies and skin diseases;
- The spirit of the wearer of clothes and linen is cleansed and strengthened;
- Increases attractiveness and attractiveness;
- Luckiness and disaster-freeness are growing.

What does "Own shirt" mean? What is the difference between "Own shirt" from "Not your own"?

A person's clothing performs many different functions. One of the main ones is the adaptive function - increasing the adaptability of a person to changes in the external environment. In fact, clothing acts as an artificial boundary environment.

On this border, there are many processes of exchange of matter, energy and information. On the one hand, clothing works as a filter, not letting in harmful factors from the surrounding world, and on the other hand, it must provide maximum information throughput to perform the adaptive function of the body's adaptation to changes in the environment. Gradually, the clothes become dirty and cannot perform their functions. It requires washing to clean it. Typically, the quality of washing is judged by the degree of removal of material dirt. "Own shirt" helps to improve the quality of washing and reduce the amount of used detergents (up to 10 times).

In addition to material dirt, clothing also filters structural and informational distortions.

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