Svetlitsa COMFORT. Creation of cosiness and comfort in the premises

Svetlitsa COMFORT 108 (set 2 pcs). Cozy home
Devices for creating coziness and comfort in the premises. Reduce physical fatigue, increase human adaptability, normalize sleep.
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Svetlitsa COMFORT AU. Cozy home
The device for creating comfort and coziness in the premises. Improve the quality of life.
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Светлица КОМФОРТ Genium. Уютный дом
Устройства для создания уюта и комфорта в помещениях. Уменьшают физическую усталость, повышают адаптивность человека, нормализуют сон.
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Devices for creating coziness and comfort in rooms.

How can you attract a client to a retail space, office, restaurant? You will say: service culture, assortment of goods, quality equipment, and you will be right. But there are not obvious factors that attract customers to some and scare away from others. Take, for example, the concept of coziness. What is coziness made of? Why is a person cozy and comfortable in one room, but wants to leave the other as soon as possible?

Since ancient times, people have carefully approached the choice of the place in which they were going to settle. They distinguished between “clean” and “black” places. People built their dwellings in clean places. Currently, builders do not pay attention to such "little things". However, there is a difference between these or those rooms. The thing is that space is not uniform. There are natural and man-made factors that disrupt the homogeneity of space (they are sometimes called geopathogenic zones). A person, once in a zone of such heterogeneities, begins to feel uncomfortable. Its own structure is broken. His energy begins to fall, attention is lost, fatigue develops quickly.

COMFORT devices modify the window structure. The light passing through such a window is ordered, replacing the structureless destructive chaos of the room with the beneficial order of the light flux.

With the elimination of spatial and structural distortions with the help of devices, the psychoemotional state of people improves. Due to the restoration and coordination of the structure of man and space, working capacity rises.

Svetlitsa COMFORT:

- Reduces stress,
- Reduces physical fatigue,
- Strengthens concentration of attention,
- Promotes the growth of well-being,
- Increases human adaptability,
- Increases efficiency,
- Normalizes sleep,
- Creates comfort and coziness.

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