EMF ARMOR. Shielding underpants

EMF ARMOR. Shielding underpants

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A line of EMF ARMOR clothing, accessories and home products shielded from electromagnetic radiation.


The inner part of the viscose, the outer shielding fabric Silver Elastic Shield.
Fabric composition Elastic Silver Shield — 100% of the silver conductive thread. The Silver Shield Elastic fabric has a dense woven fibers, due to which at the moment is one of the most effective screening material — attenuation 70 dB (10 000 000 times!).

Complies with military standards. The fabric has a high resistance to mechanical stress, is lightweight, breathable, has including antibacterial effect. Effective shielding over a broad range (HF and LF radiation), the main sources which are:
— cell phones and cell towers
— computer, router
— electric wiring in apartment
— all home appliances (TV, fridge, washing machine, stove, dryer, etc.)

Sizes of EMF ARMOR shielding underpants:

Size S (band circumference 66 - 72 cm), side height 23 cm (boxers).

Size M (band circumference 76 - 82 cm), side height 26 cm (boxers).

Size L (band circumference 80 - 86 cm), side height 27 cm (boxers).

Size XL (band circumference 84 - 90 cm), side height 25-26 cm (boxers, understated).

Size XL (band circumference 84 - 90 cm), side height 28 cm (boxers).

Size XXL (band circumference 88 - 94 cm), side height 29 cm (boxers).

Size XL (band circumference 80 - 86 cm), side height 34 cm (loose fit).

Shielding: RF and LF radiation
The attenuation of the intensity of AMY: 70 dB. (10 000 000 times)
Frequency range: 1 MHz to 50 GHz.
Surface conductivity: 0.5 Ohm/inch.
Weight: 90 g/sqm.
Does not require grounding.

— Breathable
— Easy
— Antibacterial
— Resistant to mechanical stress

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