Svetlitsa GOLDEN APPLE. Cellular rejuvenation

Svetlitsa GOLDEN APPLE. Rejuvenation at the cellular level
The formation of a new life time and activation time new flavors of life.
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Светлица ЗОЛОТОЕ ЯБЛОКО Genium. Омоложение на клеточном уровне
Укрепление Духа, безопасность и внутреннее спокойствие, расширение видения и границы понимания, укрепление структуры памяти, клеточное омоложение.
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Svetlitsa Golden Apple is intended for the formation of a new time of life and the activation of new temporary shades of the taste of life. As a Bio Dispenser, it promotes rejuvenation. Also, working with the Golden Apple will help in interacting with parallel Universes to solve their problems through connecting with the personal space of options. Strengthens concentration on vital goals and helps to move faster towards your mission.

Common tasks that you can solve with the Golden Apple:

  • Cellular rejuvenation.
  • Gaining extra strength.
  • Acceptance of new knowledge and paradigms.
  • Expansion of vision and depth of understanding.
  • Security and inner peace.
  • Strengthening the structure of memory.

With the Golden Apple, you can gain more inner strength, strengthen the Spirit and expand the boundaries of understanding.

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