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Theoretically, everyone knows that the objective world is a much broader concept than the subjectively perceived reality.

Some people have experience in perceiving the “subtle” world, a part of objective reality, inaccessible to perception in the ordinary state of consciousness and in the normal mode of brain activity. The subtle world and the aura of man, as part of the subtle world, is an objectively existing, scientifically proven reality that exists in parallel with our “ordinary” world.

The world of material objects, familiar to the human eye, exists in a certain range of frequencies, and the human eye is tuned to the perception of this certain range. But this is only a small part that the human eye is capable of perceiving.

The perception of the world depends on what frequency the brain is currently working on. The subtle world is also really existing phenomena, phenomena, inhabitants and objects, the frequency of which is higher than that of the objects of the material world. That is why the human brain in the usual state, operating at a lower frequency, does not perceive the phenomena and phenomena of the subtle world.

Prana Vision glasses are one of the tools with which any person with a normal perception of reality can learn or significantly increase their ability to see the subtle world and aura of a person.

Glasses develop and train the brain to tune in to the unusual part of the visible spectrum, so the ability to see the aura tends to develop, and as a result, the vision of the aura and the subtle world becomes possible without the use of glasses.

Having learned to "read" the aura of another person, we gain access to the entire layer of information from the subconscious: to all thoughts, feelings, intentions, inclinations, personality and character of a person. But the vision of the aura is not only a visual effect, but also work on oneself, that is, Self-development.

Our site presents devices that help you see the subtle world and aura of a person, as well as a device for recording aura at home and accessories for it:

Glasses City. The frame shape of these glasses allows you to view the aura on the street, in a stream of people, without attracting attention. The filters of Prana Vision glasses, due to specially selected spectral characteristics, adjust the visual apparatus and the human brain to perceive the energies of the subtle world.

Glasses City-2. Prana Vision training glasses are designed specifically for those who want to learn how to see the aura and other aspects of the subtle world with their own eyes. The shape of the frame of the glasses gives less lateral flare and allows you to view the aura on the street, in a stream of people, without attracting attention.

Glasses Stalker. Retro Collection. The world's first aura glasses with adjustable spectrum. This is the main distinguishing feature of the Stalker model from the City and City-2 models. The ability to adjust the spectrum was made possible by changing the angle of incidence on the surface of special reflective filters.

A-SCAN. Portable device for registrar human biofields for consultative practice of specialists in various fields and home express diagnostics. The action of A-scan is based on high-voltage pulsed discharges of low frequency. The device detects weak electromagnetic fields of a person and is capable of recording at least three aspects of the electromagnetic field surrounding and penetrating the physical body of a person - the etheric, psychoemotional and causal.

Set for express diagnostics No. 2. For rapid diagnosis of the psychoemotional field of a person. For use with the A-SCAN device.

Toner. Toner for use with device A-SCAN.

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