Svetlitsa OBVIOUSLY (OCHE-VIDNO). Decreased eye tension

Svetlitsa OBVIOUSLY (OCHE-VIDNO) (Sticker 4 pcs). Decreased eye tension
OBVIOUSLY is a system adapter of view. Helps to develop a new quality of vision; to promote creativity.
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Imagine that you have a tool that helps you to change the WORLD for the better, allows you to see it from an unexpected side and discover something new, previously unknown in it. The mask OBVIOUSLY is such a tool. It helps:

  • develop new qualities of vision;
  • effectively work out the techniques for realizing desires;
  • to become WONDERFUL, to notice what you have not noticed before;
  • become REPRESENTATIVE, learn to imagine what you could not imagine before;
  • increase CREATIVE potential.

The cosmetic effect is manifested in the reduction of tension in the muscles around the eyes and in the rejuvenation of the facial skin.

The mask OBVIOUSLY is a vision system adapter. The effect of the OBVIOUSLY structure is manifested in a tangible improvement in vision. The tension in the eye muscles is relieved, the structure of the vitreous body, lens and cornea is restored. It will help to cope with headaches and overexertion, relieve insomnia and morning swelling of the eyes. It improves peripheral circulation in the contact area, improves oxygen delivery to tissues, contributing to well-being and good rest during sleep. Dreams become vivid and memorable.


  • To relieve eye fatigue
  • In the complex in the treatment of eye diseases, myopia in children and adolescents
  • To relieve morning eye puffiness
  • To improve the cosmetic effect of the eye cream
  • For relieving headaches associated with eye strain
  • For fast and comfortable falling asleep

What is the difference between Stickers and Mask?

Stickers are a slightly different version of the structure of the OBVIOUSLY mask. Their purpose is to modify the structure of the glasses' glass so that the light passing through the glasses has an adaptive effect on the eyes. Stickers complement the adaptive effect of the dressing and broaden the scope of its application. Using stickers on glasses, you can remove a significant part of the distortion before they get into the eyes. Please note that the mask and stickers work in different modes.

When using the Mask, the eyes rest and the flow of light does not go through them. With the use of Stickers, the eyes work intensively, forming images and processing information. These differences are taken into account in product structures.

Svetlitsa OBVIOUSLY (OCHE-VIDNO). Immersion in sleepy reality — in the online store

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