Svetlitsa CHALICE OF JOY. Organization of proper nutrition

Svetlitsa CHALICE OF JOY 108. Decreased food needs
Help in organizing proper nutrition.
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System adapter for matching the structure of food with the structure of a person, cleaning products from information pollution.

The food on our table is designed not only to satisfy, replenish strength and satisfy the feeling of hunger. A good meal is designed to give us joy, to bring pleasure. It is not for nothing that humanity has created exquisite dishes that are innumerable.

To help a person in organizing proper nutrition, the Institute for Modeling and Design of Structures has created the Bowl of Joy device. This device helps to solve several problems:

  • reduction of structural distortions in the received food and semi-finished products for its preparation;
  • improving the taste and odor characteristics of food (feeling the taste of life);
  • reducing the need for food due to faster saturation and taste filling;
  • normalization of food preferences (preference turns out to be more useful food for the body);
  • increased joy and pleasure from food intake;
  • growth of the body's energy;
  • increased discretion when choosing food (quality food is selected intuitively).

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