Svetlitsa PERSPECTIVE. New opportunities and ways to change

Svetlitsa PERSPECTIVE. Strengthening the implementation of promising ideas
It opens up new possibilities for changes in development and prosperity in all spheres of life.
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Svetlitsa Perspektiva opens up new opportunities for change, development and prosperity in all spheres of life.

The perspective contributes to:

  • Formation of active links between different systems.
  • Better understanding of the correctness of their actions.
  • Development in the most efficient direction.
  • Disclosure of personal potential.
  • Going beyond roles and relationships.
  • Activation of creativity.
  • Increased levels of happiness.

To arrange yourself promisingly = to arrange yourself promisingly. 

Translated, Perspective means a view of the future. What is a View? A view is a slice of the outer layer of reality. When a person opens up several different perspectives, his life becomes more diverse. Agree, it is more interesting to choose between several views for the future than to have only one option.

When you use Perspective, the options for the future become clearer and more amazing. Unpromising means limited, dead-end, no future. In the word "perspective" you can see the "spectrum". This is a wide range of possibilities and new paths.

With Svetlitsa Perspective, consciousness expands and internal barriers are overcome, achieving goals becomes easy and inspiring. Internal barriers disappear, thoughts become clearer.

Each person is in a certain environment (social, family, natural), with which he forges relationships and connections. In this environment, there is a transformation of various kinds of promising ideas and established connections into a multitude of realized structures that manifest themselves in the form of projects, events, phenomena and other things, that is, into a constantly changing material world. All this leads to the emergence of new developing communication systems that transform new promising ideas. The Perspective device contributes to the successful "embedding" of the user in this cycle of perspectives, creating conditions for their manifestation in his life.

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