Svetlitsa GOLDEN MASK. Attractiveness and rejuvenation

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To become more attractive to yourself and the World, it is enough to increase your energy potential and restore normal connectivity with your body and mind. Thus, the necessary filling of the manifested life time of its attraction will take place. For such a process of integral transformation and growth of attractiveness in their eyes at the structural level, this device has been developed. The manifestation of the restoration of structural connections is reflected in reality at several levels at once.

The Golden Mask activates the internal reserves of your body, directing them wherever you want. You can make the skin firm and elastic, improve metabolism throughout the body and simply increase your vitality.

Thanks to the properties of the Golden Mask, you will discover:

• The effect of lifting and tightening
• Clearing information links
• Maintain body and mind tone
• Normalization of the work of organs and systems
• Increase of moisture supply of fabrics
• New Lightbody. A new level of connectivity
• Attractiveness, joy and understanding

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