Svetlitsa ECONORM. Improving the vehicle traffic safety

System adapter for increased driving safety. Also helps to reduce emissions, save fuel and extend engine life.

ECONORM provides:

  • Improving traffic safety (due to a better perception of the road situation by the driver, increased attention and, in connection with this, an increase in the total number of making quick adequate decisions on the way);
  • An increase in the resource of almost all nodes and, as a result, an increase in overhaul mileage;
  • Increase in engine power;
  • Reduced driver fatigue;
  • Improving the dynamics of acceleration of the car *;
  • Increasing the corrosion resistance of the body;
  • Fuel economy * (5 - 20%);
  • Acceleration of engine start;
  • Reduction of toxicity of exhaust gases by more than 2 times *;
  • Extending the life of the engine, spark plugs ...

* The maximum effect of work is achieved with a working, tuned engine, carburetor and other car systems.

Information distortions lead to disruption of the work of natural information structures. The restoration of the natural structure allows all objects to perform their functions optimally.

Econorm influences the human-machine system, removing distortion in structural interactions, in information exchange. When using the Econorm adapter, the information characteristics of the driver's perception are improved. It becomes adequate to the road situation, gets tired less, makes mistakes less often, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of accidents.

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