Svetlitsa MIRROR OF ISIDI. Time process management

No wonder they say: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." Looking into his eyes in our mirror, a person tunes in to his own soul, which "knows" what a person needs in this life. And this true knowledge gradually becomes available to man to control his own life. He gets rid of external control and becomes the master of his life.

In fact, the mirror restores the radiation that comes from the human eyes. This is a light that has arisen inside a person, which can carry characteristics and distortions received in the process of life by the person himself, transmitted from his ancestors.

System integrator of time. It functions on the basis of the wavefront reversal effect as a corrector for distortions of the human spatio-temporal structure.

With the help of the Mirror of Isis, you can solve the following tasks:

  • successfully awaken and fulfill strategic true life desires;
  • restore a sense of the way;
  • receive generic support, showing wisdom in deeds and actions;
  • restore the spatio-temporal structure of a person, obtaining a rejuvenating effect;
  • neutralize tension and relieve stress;
  • design your future and the future of your descendants;
  • to increase the manifestation of love in a person's life, improving the quality of his life;
  • to strengthen the adaptive potential, creating the prerequisites for accelerated transformation to rapidly changing external conditions;
  • get rid of external control and become the master of your life;
  • extend the LIFE TIME of the life of the time;
  • build up the strength of the spirit.

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