Pendant Q-Link. Protection from electromagnetic fields

Q-Link SRT-3. Pendant black in acrylic case. Protection from electromagnetic fields
Reliable protection from the negative effects of domestic and industrial electromagnetic fields.
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How to choose the right device?

All Q-Link® products are based on Induced Resonance Technology (SRT ™), which is based on basic physical research that indicates that every physical system is surrounded and permeated by an energy field.

When the vibrations of the systems lie in the region of frequencies optimal for them, they are able to function more efficiently and produce the expected, or even greater performance. When the vibration frequency does not correspond to the optimum, then the efficiency and productivity noticeably fall. In humans, the primary energy system is Biofield, a term officially introduced by the US National Institute of Health.

SRT ™ is a patented package of scientifically defined frequencies that support and expand the efficiency and productivity of various organic and inorganic systems. Biological, electrical, chemical and other physical systems under the influence of SRT ™ technology exhibit enhanced system organization, structural integrity and other positive characteristics and useful properties.

SRT ™ technology has proven its worth as a result of advanced experiments in various scientific institutions, including the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine), the University of Vienna (Vienna of Vienna), the Imperial College of London (Imperial College London), during which a significant impact on living systems.

Q-Link SRT-2. Classic black pendant. It is better suited for people living in a calmer and more favorable environment, for which the SRT-3 power may be excessive.

Q-Link SRT-3. Pendant black in acrylic case and Q-Link SRT-3. Stainless Steel Pendant. They provide a more sensitive response mechanism and more powerful energy support for the user and, thus, are ideal for people with a busy lifestyle, and / or constantly living in an unfavorable environment.

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