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    Частота, благотворно воздействующая на баланс мелатонина, является 7.83 Гц. Транслирование этой частоты при помощи генератора позволяет максимально улучшить как физическое самочувствие, так и психическое состояние человека.

In 1951-1952 professor Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974), who at that time headed the Institute of Electrophysics at the Technical University of Munich, published in a specialized scientific journal in several scientific articles the first results of his many years of work, which began back in the 40s of the 20th century, on special electromagnetic waves formed by the Earth's surface and ionosphere. Subsequently, his works served as a starting point for further research both by his German colleagues and by physicists from a number of other countries. In honor of Schumann, these waves began to be called "Schumann" or "Schumann resonances", although for fairness it should be noted the works of other scientists, who laid a certain basis of scientific knowledge for Schumann's research with their research.

Subsequently, various experimental scientists in the field of biophysics noticed relationships in the life of living organisms and Schumann's frequency. Experiments carried out first on animals, and later on in humans, showed a significant effect of the frequency of 7.83 Hz on the biophysical activity of the experimental individuals. Moreover, almost all living things on planet Earth (people, animals, birds, inhabitants of the aquatic environment) were affected by this frequency.

The psychophysical activity of a living organism significantly correlated with switching on or off the impact from the Schumann frequency generator during a series of experiments and experiments. Experiments conducted at the beginning of the 21st century in New Zealand by Associate Professor of Lincoln University - AnJ Cherry, convincingly scientifically proved that the human brain detects the Schumann resonance signal and reacts to it, starting to interact with its frequency (actually a similar effect occurs when using mind machines), resonation, resonant frequency matching and electromagnetic field conjugation occur. The brain responds by changing the balance of the melatonin/serotonin cycle. Deviation of melatonin levels from its optimal level due to solar/geomagnetic activity altering the signal strength of the Schumann resonance causes adverse effects on human health. The optimal frequency, which has a beneficial effect on the balance of melatonin, is 7.83 Hz. Broadcasting this frequency using a generator allows you to maximize both the physical well-being and the mental state of a person.

With the Schumann frequency generator it is possible:

  • Normalize the circadian rhythm.
  • Harmonize your life.
  • Strengthen the bioenergy-information potential.
  • Counteract negative moments in the social environment.
  • Promote your ideas and visions positively.
  • Develop supernatural abilities.
  • Increase the body's resistance to parasitic electromagnetic radiation.

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