Svetlitsa SUPER. Improving the quality of life

The Svetlitsa enhances the adaptive capabilities of a person, restoring his informational connections, relieving conflict and tension. Svetlitsa has a positive effect on all levels of life, increasing its quality. The action of the Svetlitsa is multifaceted and holistic, and produces a healing effect on all vital systems of the body.

Increased energy potential

The body stops wasting resources on processing unnecessary, unnecessary information and does not develop any reactions to it. The saved resource is used to restore the body's energy system.

Normalization of oppressed body systems

The main effect of using the Svetlitsa is the normalization of the oppressed systems of the body (immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.). It manifests itself in the fact that if the controlled parameter is below the norm, then it grows, if it is higher, then it decreases. Fatigue decreases, sleep improves. Self-confidence appears. Strengthening psychological stability. The integrity of interactions reveals the fullness of life, filling it with new content, new connections and acquaintances. Previously impossible events become possible due to the implementation of complex system connections.

Removing barriers to understanding

Goodwill grows, the level of aggression decreases. Many businessmen note that it is easier to find a common language with clients, and it is easier to sign contracts. Conflict in families decreases. Children begin to learn more successfully and behave more appropriately.

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