EMF ARMOR. Shielding blanket «Silver Dreams»

EMF ARMOR. Shielding blanket «Silver Dreams»

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A line of EMF ARMOR clothing, accessories and home products shielded from electromagnetic radiation.


3-layer shielding blanket-plaid "Silver Dreams"

Sleep is a special time, a time of regeneration and restoration, which brought all the energy that we accumulate during the day. During sleep not working day defense mechanisms, remove the protective barriers of consciousness and the subconscious mind is especially susceptible to third-party influences, not to mention the day accumulated negative energies. Therefore, in the sleep period especially needs protection from external influences.

Scientists have proved that AMY, especially wi-fi radiation, mobile phone radiation, interfering with the natural biorhythms that leads to a violation of alternation of phases of sleep and lets dive into deep restorative sleep. And this in turn affects the quality of daily living: a feeling of weakness, worsening of mood, headaches, low concentration, anxiety, turbidity of consciousness.

Therefore, for blanket Silver Dreams we used one of the most effective at the moment shielding knitted fabric Elastic Silver Shield with a high content of silver -20%.

Fabric Silver Shield Elastic made of 100% silver conductive yarns and has a dense woven fibers, due to which at the moment is one of the most effective screening material – attenuation 70 dB (10 000 000 times!). Complies with military standards. The fabric has a high resistance to mechanical stress, is lightweight, breathable, has including antibacterial effect.


Shielding: RF and LF radiation
The attenuation of the intensity of AMY: 70 dB. (10 000 000 times)
Frequency range: 1 MHz to 50 GHz.
Surface conductivity: 0.5 Ohm/inch.
Does not require grounding.
Size: 200 cm x 150 cm.
Upper: 100% PE
Bottom: 100% PE
Shielding layer: 75% PE, 5% elastane, 20% silver.

Blanket Silver Dreams can be used as a blanket or as a regular lightweight quilt in the duvet cover and has three layers:

  1. Soft fleece fabric
  2. Shielding fabric Silver Elastic Shield
  3. Decorative mesh to preserve the aesthetic and decorative properties of the product (due to the high content of silver fabric subject to color change).

In addition to the shielding properties of the blanket, Silver Dreams also has antiseptic properties.

Can be used for the protection of the child by pregnant women.

Testing blankets Silver Dreams held by ordinary people, but also with people celebrating the deviations during sleep. The tester took the Test on the quality of the sleep, and after the first use noted:

- light up early without an alarm clock
- ease and cheerfulness after awakening
- fast falling asleep
- normalization of biorhythms in “owls”
- bright, positive, realistic, lucid dreams
- deep sleep
- reduction of time of sleep required for full recovery
good mood, cheerfulness, clarity of mind and improved concentration during the day

Blanket SilverDreams is recommended for those who:

- sleeping more or less than needed by the body
- barely gets up in the morning and feels overwhelmed during the day
- can't sleep at the selected time
- sees disturbing dreams
- can't Wake up early without an alarm clock
- feels causeless headaches, bad mood and low concentrations during the day
- turns alarm clock on mobile phone and keeps it close during sleep
- does not turn off at night wi-fi router and other appliances

Care requirements for a blanket of Silver Dreams:

machine gentle wash at 30 °
- use a neutral, mild detergent
- drying at low temperatures
- do not iron
- no bleaching and Valet

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